Agenda for sustainable change in the cement industry
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Agenda for sustainable change in the cement industry

Sustainable practices are a new realisation among cement manufacturers

Sustainability or green initiatives have set as a wider canvas for companies to define a set of standards to be more environmentally conscious. With climate change being a reality, and with the awareness of actions to arrest climate change increasing, all corporates feel the pressing need to initiate, activate, measure and audit the steps that are taken under sustainability.

For each segment of a business, sustainability comes with varied sets of compliances. The cement sector historically carries the burden of being the most polluting manufacturing. Starting from mining to packaging, there are various stages where the industry is burdened with the tag of being a polluting industry. Much has been changed in the recent decade with many of the companies, globally adapting measures to bring in improvement that are otherwise neglected.

Ashwani Pahuja, Chief Sustainability Officer and Executive Director, Dalmia Cement (Bharat) Limited, Sandeep Mathur, Brand Leader, CASE India, and Jagmohan Sood, Director and CEO, Jindal Stainless (Hissar) share their targets, insights and experiences with sustainability in this article.

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