Batching Plants for Rready-Mix Concrete

Batching Plants for Rready-Mix Concrete

SKAKO is one of the world's largest suppliers of complete concrete batching plants for ready-mix concrete, precast concrete and concrete elements.

The mixer requires minimum maintenance and is easy to operate. A reversible screw homogenises and distributes the materials vertically. As a result, the mix obtained is very homogenous and stable. The equipment can be cleaned automatically between batches. Since the surface area of cone is small and there are no tools at the inlet, there is very little chance for any residual material to remain behind.

A reversible turbo whirler at high speed prevents and destroys bullets of non-mixed particles. This translates into powder savings. The mixer achieves faster mixing by distributing liquids rapidly into the heart of mixture. Reversible rotation cone helps in accelerated emptying cycle. The conical shape of the mixing chamber allows for smaller batches from 10 to 100 per cent of the maximum filling capacity.

The motors for all 3 mixing functions are managed via frequency converters
Features include

  • Rpm of individual tools.
  • Action duration of individual tools until stop or inversion.
  • Action change triggered by batch consistency.
  • Multi parameter combinations for determined mix designs.
  • Rheological control via power consumption at different whirler speeds.
  • Water content control.

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