Blended cement: A step towards CO<sub>2</sub> reduction
Blended cement

Blended cement: A step towards CO2 reduction

The need for sustainable infrastructure, energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness are the key factors driving the blended cement market in India.

Cement companies across the globe are using blended not just to meet government guidelines towards clean energy, but also to improve the workability of fresh concrete, increase strength and enhance the durability of concrete. The key factors driving this growth are -- the increase in building and construction activities, increasing investments in industrial parks and major infrastructural projects, the emergence of environment-friendly cement technology, and most importantly the rising need for sustainable infrastructure. Government policies play a major role in helping to cut down emissions of the cement sector. Government agencies like MOEF and CPCB are regularly updating the guidelines for the usage of alternative materials in manufacturing cement but at the same time there is a need for a tracking system that can balance the demand and supply equilibrium.

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