Calderys’ Zhangjiagang plant wins Environmental Protection certification
Calderys’ Zhangjiagang plant

Calderys’ Zhangjiagang plant wins Environmental Protection certification

The government of Jiangsu province has awarded an Environmental Protection certificate to Imerys subsidiary Calderys’ Zhangjiang refractory plant. The company said that the certification results from years of hard to enhance environmental efforts beyond national requirements. One example of the work is dust-proof partitioning around all dust-emitting equipment.

Environment, health and safety supervisor Ricken Ren said, “In 2016, the plant improved the quality of its raw materials. With major work no longer required to lessen the water content of the materials, it was able to reduce the use of its dry kiln, which uses natural gases in its drying process, in turn greatly reducing the plant’s energy consumption. ” He added, “Keeping the plant’s environmental impact as low as possible is a never-ending job, and we cannot lose focus. We perform daily checks to ensure devices such as our dust collectors are working effectively, and we are always monitoring our emissions during operation according to national laws. Every department worked together on environmental protection performance. It is a great teamwork result.”

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