Cemex plans reduced-CO2 concrete with nano tech
Cemex plansCO2 concrete

Cemex plans reduced-CO2 concrete with nano tech

Cemex has signed an agreement with Canada-based Carbon Upcycling Technologies to “improve the processing of residue or by-products of industrial processes to produce nanomaterials.” Carbon Upcycling Technologies’ equipment increases the cementitious properties of residues such as fly ash and steel slag by physical processing them into nanomaterials and adding captured CO2, enabling the partnership to produce concrete additives with “greater reactivity and a lower carbon footprint” than their raw materials.

Cemex Ventures Head Gonzalo Galindo said, “This agreement with Carbon Upcycling Technologies is yet another example of our determination to deliver net-zero CO2 concrete products globally by 2050. Our roadmap to achieve this global ambition involves continuing to innovate our technology internally while continuing to seek complementary innovation outside of Cemex through investments in start-ups, consortia, and high-value collaboration agreements such as the one reached with Carbon Upcycling Technologies.”

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