Concrete flexural and transverse machines

Concrete flexural and transverse machines

Universal flexural and transverse machines with 150 kn capacity, can perform flexural tests on concrete beam specimen of maximum size 200x200x800 mm. For products such as flat blocks, flagstones, kerbs, tiles, slabs, masonry units, pipes and any other type of material, the maximum size limit is 550xh550 mm (lower rollers, maximum length 1300 mm).


  • Vertical daylight between upper/lower rollers: Max. 825 - min. 65 mm adjustable each 76 mm by hand winch with counterweights.
  • Rollers dimensions: Dia. 40x550 mm.
  • Complete with 4 adjustable and articulated rollers for two-point loading.
  • Distance between lower rollers adjustable from 75 to 1325 mm.
  • Distance between upper rollers adjustable from 75 to 575 mm.
  • Possibile to easily place one upper roller for centre- point loading in the centre.
  • Graduated scales are foreseen to get easy roller's adjustment.
  • Ram travel 110 mm approximate.
  • Simple action piston with counterweights to optimise friction.


  • Power supply: 230 v 1 ph 50 hz 750 w.
  • Dimensions: 970x1400x2000 mm.
  • Weight: 800 - 850 kg.

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