Daily toll collection through FASTag reaches record high

Daily toll collection through FASTag reaches record high

Following the mandatory payment of user fee through FASTag at the toll plazas from February 16, 2021, toll collection through FASTag has seen consistent growth. The toll collection has been more than Rs 100 crore daily. On February 25, 2021, the toll collection through FASTag reached the highest ever mark of Rs 103.94 crore with over 64.5 lakh daily transactions. The smooth implementation of FASTag has witnessed growth of 20 per cent in terms of Electronic Toll Collection transactions and 27 per cent in terms of collection of user fee through FASTag.

The FASTag drive has been well supported by the highway users as approximately 20 lakh new FASTag users have been added during last two weeks, taking total FASTag issuance to 2.8 crore.

FASTag implementation has also reduced the waiting time at NH Fee Plazas significantly, resulting in enhanced user experience. Not only the constant growth and adoption of FASTag by the highway users is encouraging but also it will help to bring more efficiency in toll operations. This will enable correct valuation of road asset in the future and will encourage more investors to invest in the Highway infrastructure of the country.

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