Harnessing 100 percent ‘Renewable Power’
Dalmia Bharat Cement

Harnessing 100 percent ‘Renewable Power’

Given the global warming threat, the Dalmia Cement Group has undertaken myriad measures to curb its carbon trail, based on the organisation’s philosophy ‘Clean and Green is Profitable and Sustainable’.

Dalmia Bharat Cement has set a very ambitious target of becoming carbon negative by the year 2040. Intrinsically cement production is energy intensive process. Dalmia Bharat is the only cement company to declare its commitment to turn carbon negative. The Group is committed to the tenet of ‘People. Planet. Performance.’ This commitment comes when India is aiming to emerge as a US$ 5 trillion economy by 2025. Consequently, the country is likely to add nearly 70% of its existing GDP in just five years. This prospect places a premium not just on its ability to grow economically but do so with a disproportionately lower impact on the ecological balance. Ashwani Pahuja the Chief Sustainability Officer at Dalmia Cement (Bharat) Ltd takes us through the journey they have undertaken.

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