Innovative concretes from UltraTech Cement Limited

Innovative concretes from UltraTech Cement Limited

UltraTech becomes the first commercial supplier of M80 self-compacting concrete in India.

UltraTech Concrete, a division of UltraTech Cement, and India's largest manufacturer of ready-mix concrete, has introduced a number of specialty concrete products for the design and construction industry. In its series of specialty concrete, the company has launched an innovative M80 self-compacting concrete, the UltraTech Freeflow and M80 High grade concrete, the UltraTech Hypercon. In India, UltraTech Concrete is the first commercial supplier of M80 Self-Compacting Concrete.

UltraTech Freeflow, and UltraTech Hypercon were supplied to IREO's upcoming and innovative residential project, IREO Skyon in Gurgaon. UltraTech Freeflow enables the structure to look sleek, with a superior finish and higher durability. It also gives architectural freedom in the design and construction of complicated structures. According to the European guidelines, self-compacting concrete does not require vibration for placing and compaction. It flows under its own weight, completely filling formwork and achieving full compaction, even in the presence of congested reinforcement.

The use of UltraTech Freeflow leads to faster construction with reduction in manpower, as placement of concrete is done speedily and no compaction is required. The fact that the compaction is without vibration leads to reduction in noise pollution as well. Additionally, it has a superior surface finish and is easier to place even in heavily reinforced structures. Moreover, UltraTech Freeflow imparts improved durability due to the denser microstructure of concrete and also gives greater freedom in designing complicated structures.

Says Mr Anuj Maheshwari, Technical Head of UltraTech Concrete, "UltraTech Concrete is a pioneer in advanced concrete technology solutions and has proven its leadership in India through the successful commercial implementation of the M80 Self-Compacting Concrete UltraTech Freeflow." Mr. Lalit Goyal, Vice Chairman of IREO, commented on the association with UltraTech, "IREO has always stood for raising the bar on the quality of product delivery in the Indian real estate market, and this innovative concrete technology from our partners at UltraTech is a key landmark in that direction."

UltraTech currently operates over a hundred RMC plants in 35 cities across India that have world class IT systems, quality control and vehicle tracking systems. UltraTech, a part of the Aditya Birla Group, has an unrelenting focus on safety and quality standards. All of its state-of-the-art automatic plants are capable of producing the entire range of concrete spanning UltraTech Concrete Plus, Lite, Duracon, Colourcon, Fibrecon, Thermocon, Hypercon, Pervious, DTcor, Freeflow and Stainless.

Apart from supplying concrete through its commercial plants, UltraTech provides customised solutions to customers through its various operating models. It currently operates RMC units for some of the most prestigious infrastructural projects in India such as Jaipur Metro, Mumbai Monorail, etc.

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