JSW Cement offers its customers ease of doing business through AI-based digital interventions
JSW Cement

JSW Cement offers its customers ease of doing business through AI-based digital interventions

JSW Cement is among the first Indian cement companies to introduce conversational commerce services to its trade customers. Conversational commerce is e-commerce done through various means of conversations and uses technology such as speech recognition, speaker recognition, natural language processing and artificial intelligence. Research has revealed that the ongoing, trusting and personal connections developed between brands and customers through personal conversations leads to better service for the customer as well as new business opportunities for the company. Hence, conversational commerce is emerging as a huge opportunity in driving customer service as well as digital sales.

JSW Cement has digitized the outbound marketing functions through MobileTech interventions.

These technologies are enabling the Company’s sales force to seamlessly interact with its channel partners as well as receive orders. It has launched AI-based MobileTech tools specifically designed to facilitate its channel partners the ease of doing business with the Company. These include:

  • WhatsApp-based Dealer Assistance Intervention to facilitate Order placement & transaction-related dealer interactions.

  • Mobile interventions to enable Track & Tracing of dispatched orders

  • Digitized sales planning processes for effective demand management, dynamic pricing management and AI-based demand forecasting for improved lead generation.

According to Mr Parth Jindal, Managing Director of JSW Cement, “Digital Technology is shaping the long-term sustainable growth strategy of all JSW Group businesses. We are in a unique position to deliver integrated home-building solutions to Indian consumers. Our digital transformation will ensure the ease of doing business to our customers through continued improvements in the overall Brand experience combined with efficient operations for well-synchronized & timely deliveries. As we march towards our target of achieving 25 MTPA capacity in the Cement business, we will ensure more investments in Technology and Research to develop & deliver innovative products that meet the evolving needs of our customers. I am happy to welcome Yalochat as our technology partner in this journey.”

According to Javier Mata, Yalochat & Founder and CEO, “Putting the customer at the center of everything you do is easier said than done. JSW Cement is a testament to customer centricity. They have not only digitized its dealer relationship but used Yalo to transform it by bringing everything they need through WhatsApp. Now the sales force of JSW Cement has been empowered to focus on building meaningful relationships with dealers while technology takes care of the rest. We are excited to be partners of JSW in this transformation.

JSW Cement has major presence in East, West & Southern regions of India. As part of this digitization initiative JSW Cement is rolling out AI-based MobileTech interventions including conversational commerce services for its Trade Channels across all the markets. This digitization effort combined with its field-force interventions is expected to achieve higher efficiency in business and better customer service to the market.

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