MS-concrete rub for restoration work

MS-concrete rub for restoration work

Masonry Supply Inc offers MS-concrete rub, a blend of multiple portland cements and select graded silica sands. It is used for thin application on precast concrete or poured walls to fill small pin holes on the surface. The concrete rub is used for restoration work, giving old concrete surfaces a new look of freshly poured concrete.

A 50-lb pail of MS-concrete rub requires approximately two gallon of mixing water. For proper bonding, the mixing water should be blended with MS-acrylic bonding agent at a ratio of one part MS-acrylic bonding agent to three parts water. MS-concrete rub is then added to the mixing liquid. Mix to a slurry consistency by hand or use a slow speed (650 RPM) paddle mixer. Apply using a mason's brush or hard rubber float. After initial set, the surface should be rubbed to the desired finish using damp burlap.

Since this product contains portland cement, it is alkaline on contact with water. Do use a paddle for mixing to avoid splashing into eyes or contact with skin. During mixing or application, avoid contact with eyes. This product conforms to current applicable specifications and is manufactured to meet published physical properties when properly cured and tested according to ASTM standards.

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