Self-loading Mobile Concrete Mixer
Self-loading Mobile Concrete Mixer

Self-loading Mobile Concrete Mixer

Self-loading concrete mixer can be an answer to many odd jobs where quantity of concrete is a constraint and location is difficult to reach.
A machine that can self-load aggregates, weigh batch, mix, transport and place concrete within the site as per the mix design of concrete requirement is called self-loading mobile concrete mixer (SLCM). It is utilised as a merger of loader, mobile batching plant and transit mixer for small to medium volume concrete requirements. These machines are equipped with a concrete batch controller to obtain the required quality of concrete by allowing the operator to calibrate the quantity of aggregates into the mixer as per mix design. These all-wheel drive machines are also available with crab steering, hence are highly manoeuvrable. These machines can be deployed in any kind of terrain. The SLCMs are available in various capacities such as 1 cu m drum having an output capacity of up to 3 cu m/hr, with 2 cu m drum having an output capacity of up to 8 cu m/hr and with 4 cu m drum with an output capacity of up to 12 cu m/hr. They are also available in variants as tunnel dumpers and transit mixers.

Advantages of SLCM

  • Fresh concrete available at site
  • Quality of concrete guaranteed due to reliable weigh batching system
  • Eliminates labour up to 70-80 per cent compared to manual mixer
  • Easily manoeuvrable within sites
  • Four-wheel drive ensures working the machine at tough site conditions
  • Reduces operating cost as loaders
The following features can enhance the utility of the machine:
  • Better turning circle will enable the machine to operate in confined spaces with ease.
  • Swivellable operator´s post to provide complete visibility for driving.
  • High level of gradeability ensures that the machine works in the toughest site condition.
  • Fully powered hydraulic steering options can provide for manoeuvring in narrow spaces.
SLCMs find applications in various infrastructure projects throughout the country. Due to their mobility, these machines are widely used in various applications such as canal lining, aqueducts, rural roads, ROBs, RUBs, flyovers, Railways, bridges, power transmission lines, solar projects etc.

Article courtesy: Ajax Fiori (India) Pvt Ltd

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