SpectraFlow for Ramco plant

Ramco Cements, an independent Indian group, ordered a Crossbelt and Airslide analyser from SpectraFlow analytics, for their new integrated plant at Kalvatala, to optimise the stability of their raw meal.

FLS was chosen as the main equipment supplier and Ramco project team looked after specialised components themselves and choose SpectraFlow Analytics Crossbelt analyser for their stockpile and pre-blending management and SpectraFlow Airslide Analyzer for raw meal optimisation of two raw mills.

The SpectraFlow Crossbelt analyser is the online analyser to be able to measure raw materials on belt conveyors. As raw materials from the quarry are processed through a crusher the raw material on the conveyor belt is statistically homogeneous and therefore the analytical results of the SpectraFlow Crossbelt analyser are accurate.

By using SpectraFlow Crossbelt analyser and a site specific blending strategy at Kavalatala the high variation in the local raw materials shall be balanced out to increase consistency of the stockpile quality.

Summarised benefits are:

- No need of sampling. Sampling from conveyor belts is unrepresentative and slow for process optimisation. Additionally, sampling is very work intensive regarding operation and maintenance.

- The analyser together with a pre-blending control software from Ramco Systems is fully automating the feed from the hoppers. The analyser delivers the analytical results and according the setpoint the software is adjusting the feeders into the mixing stage

- The analyser together with a pre-blending control software is informing the quarry/crusher operators of the current composition of the stockpile and accordingly the trucks can be coordinated to reach the setpoint of the stockpile.

- Stockpile quality will be homogeneous and on setpoint. That results in stable and low additive consumption at the raw mill.

- Stable feed from the stockpile leads to stable raw mill operation and fine raw meal/clinker quality.

The SpectraFlow Airslide analyser is the online analyser to be able to measure raw materials in airslides. As raw materials in airslides are very homogeneous and dry the analytical results of the SpectraFlow Airslide analyser are very accurate and based on these accurate results the raw mix control software can optimise the weight feeders before the raw mill in real time every minute. This results in very low LSF STDEV without the need of extensive sampling and laboratory efforts.

Kalvatala operates two roller press raw. The raw meal will feed to a joint airslide where the SpectraFlow Airslide analyser will measure. For the control of the weight feeders at the two raw mills Ramco will use control software from Ramco Systems. By using SpectraFlow an increase in the raw meal homogeneity will be achieved.

Summarised benefits are:

- Two raw mills can be controlled by one online analyser.

- No need of intensive sampling. No automated sample transport system, no automated laboratory required.

- High cost reduction due to reduced laboratory usage (capex, opex, manpower…)

- The analyser together with the control software is fully automating the raw material grinding. The analyser delivers the analytical results and according the setpoint the software is adjusting the weight feeders of the additive bins.

- Adjustment of the weight feeders in real time every minute. No time delay due to sampling, sample preparation,

- Lower LSF STDEV/better and more consistent raw mill quality

This SpectraFlow order is the 39th order for the cement industry and the first installation in India. This order raises the installed based in India to

two analysers (one crossbelt and one airslide) and worldwide to 56 analysers (31 crossbelt and 25 airslide).

SpectraFlow Analytics, Switzerland are the experts in providing online analysis for the cement and minerals industry without any radioactive sources nor neutron generators. NIR technology used for

the SpectraFlow analyser is not requiring any permits or licenses and there are no restrictions in buying, importing or maintaining the analysers. This results in very low operating costs and high availability of the analysers combined with highly accurate measurement results.

For further information: Vijay Kumar Vemuri,

Managing Partner, SPV Engineers, 2242, BHEL MIG,

Phase-I, Serilingampally, Hyderabad – 502032.

Mob: +91 88857 44161

Email: vk.vemuri@spvengineers.com

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