STIHL GS 461 concrete cutter

STIHL GS 461 concrete cutter

THE new GS 461 is STIHL's latest addition to its construction equipment line. This is a powerful tool for wet cutting of construction materials like concrete, natural stone or sewage pipes. The universal concrete cutter makes swift and accurate work of shaping or corners and openings, up to a depth of 40 cm. All the components are developed and produced by STIHL, from the powerful 2-MIX engine to the high-grade diamond abrasive chain and the rugged guide bar. This is the only way to guarantee that they will work together perfectly to produce high cutting performance. In addition, the ultra-low weight of 7.6 kg and the user-friendly design help to make the work go smoothly. Designed for professional drilling and cutting contractors, the STIHL GS 461 is a powerful machine with built-in durability for concrete, building and civil engineering and emergency services applications.

The new concrete cutter from the Waiblingen power tool manufacturer perceptibly boosts efficiency on construction and redevelopment sites. With features such as a 40 cm cutting depth and the possibility of executing precise corner cuts, it enables jobs to be carried out on the building site in a very short time that until now required a lot of setting up and laborious manual work. In civil engineering and sewer construction the 4.3 kw STIHL GS 461 proves to be a very ergonomic tool for renovation work. The equipment features like low weight, well thought-out handle arrangement and progressively designed anti-vibration system combine to produce very good control, thus reducing possible operating errors and saving time and money on site. The STIHL GS 461 is the ideal complement to existing applications using the proven STIHL cut-off saws. It is thus an essential item of equipment not only for drilling and cutting contractors but wherever cutting work has to be carried out as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.


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