ACC has spectacular results in cement blending: KN Rao

ACC has spectacular results in cement blending: KN Rao

Cement maker ACC has achieved spectacular results in the utilisation of the two industrial wastes - slag from steel plants and fly ash from thermal power stations - to make blended cements that offer unique advantages to concrete, said the company Director, Energy & Environment, KN Rao.

Rao told a newspaper in an interview that the cement industry seeks areas government's help in many areas. The industry seeks legislation support and incentives to promote co-processing as being a more environmentally sustainable waste disposal method.

Cement industry look forward to support in the area of improving clinker factor by suitably modifying and creating new Indian standards to allow higher percentage of blending. If regulatory support can ensure free availability of industrial wastes like fly ash and slag to cement plants, it would encourage the cement industry to increase absorption levels of such waste, which otherwise pollutes the environment, he added.

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