Cement plants in Jaintia hills under scrutiny
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Cement plants in Jaintia hills under scrutiny

Vikas Damle

Acting on the concerns expressed by the delegation of KSU Narpuh Circle, the Meghalaya State Pollution Control Board (MSPCB) will conduct spot inspection of all the cement plants in Jaintia Hills. The delegation met the Forest and Environment Minister Prestone Tynsong to list out companies disregarding pollution control norms and polluting the environment. The KSU unit also submitted a petition accusing five cement plants. Assuring prompt and strict action Tynsong said, ´The cement factories have to comply with the prescribed norms like installation of monitoring mechanism and adopting certain parameters to check and control the pollution emanating from their set-up which can affect the environment.´ He added that the government would not hesitate to ask the cement companies in Jaintia Hills to stop their operations if they are found that they are violating the environmental laws.

The minister further stated that nine cement plants in Jaintia Hills would have to take all responsibility to carry out the compensatory affore-¡station and also ensure proper care of all the saplings planted for the next five years. ´After the period of five years, the cement plants would have to hand over the land to the department,´ Tynsong said. The compensatory afforestation would be on 1600 hectares of forest land, as per the findings of the Joint Inspection Team report, which was approved by the Union Ministry of Environment and Forests.

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