Centre asks state green panels to speed up construction projects

Centre asks state green panels to speed up construction projects

Concerned over delay in approval of construction and building projects, the Union Environment Ministry has directed state-level green panels to seek all relevant information at one go to ensure speedy clearances. In an official memorandum, the ministry said it has come to its notice that state-level panels - SEIAA and SEAC - seek piecemeal information and even some are not related to environmental concerns. State Level Expert Appraisal Committee (SEAC) examines the Category B projects and makes recommendations to State Level Environment Impact Assessment Authority (SEIAA) for green nod.

"The Ministry is in receipt of information about delay in processing of cases at the level of SEIAA and SEAC on account of (i) additional information sought on issues not directly related to environment and (ii) process adopted for listing such cases at the end of the queue after submission of information by the project proponents," the Environment Ministry said in its latest office memorandum.

To meet the stipulated timelines, avoid duplication of work and speed up the process of scrutiny, the Ministry said SEIAAs/SEACs should only focus on some key thrust areas.

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