Cinvestav develops 'green' cement

Cinvestav develops 'green' cement

Scientists at Mexico's Cinvestav (Research and Advanced Studies Center), headed by Jose Ivan Escalante Garcia, have developed a geopolymer-based cement that results in producing reduced CO2 emissions and required lesser fossil fuel for the melting process. It is even more durable and resistant than the regular cement. Considering the spiraling industrialisation and urbanisation in the world, this new and environment-friendly cement is actually the need of the hour.

The production of cement requires limestone, clay and shale to be heated up at a high temperature of 1,450°C by using coke or coal - this manufacturing process releases CO2 emissions whereby every 1 kg of cement that is produced releases the same quantity of CO2 emissions. However, this new cement variant that is geopolymer-based can be manufactured at a temperature of 750°C and the by-products during the manufacturing process can actually be incorporated while producing this cement. This new eco-friendly cement claims to reduce the total costs of producing the cement (up to 50 per cent) and the CO2 emissions can actually be reduced by 80 per cent, claims the company.

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