Claudius Peters´ ETA Cooler exceeds 13,000t/day

Claudius Peters´ ETA Cooler exceeds 13,000t/day

The ETA Cooler, the concept for cooling clinker in the cement making process announced by Claudius Peters Projects GmbH in 2004, has reached a new capacity milestone with a more than 13,000t/day model going into production earlier in 2015 in China.

The ETA Cooler principle was introduced in 2004 with a 2,000t/day installation at a Holcim cement plant in Switzerland. It has now reached 13,000t/day, currently the world´s highest capacity cement line production.

Due to its design, no dust removal system is required with ETA Cooler and the relatively long stroke action means a low grate speed, which in turn means less wear and maintenance. As there are no obstructions to the clinker flow in this moving floor technology, high transport efficiency is also achieved, with uniform cooling, thus improving the quality of the clinker and in turn the quality of cement produced, according to Claudius Peters Projects. The ETA Cooler has a very low construction profile and modular design.

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