Customised solution for every stage of construction
Customised solution for every stage of construction

Customised solution for every stage of construction

ACC, one of the oldest cement manufacturers in the country, is credited as the first commercial ready-mix concrete producer. The cement/concrete producer has passed through different phases of lifecycle and is at crossroads today.

ACC is a pioneer in cement and concrete. We are not merely selling concrete products to our customers, we sell solutions. ACC has a wide range of solutions to cater the needs of challenging construction problems. We are proud to have a huge array of solutions brought out of years of research at our R&D Centre in Thane and the best of knowledge transfer from one of the world's finest construction development labs based in Lyon, France. We are always ahead of the market and we develop the concrete and concrete technology to meet the future requirement. Earlier we were producing about M-40, M-50; today, we are in the stage of producing M-100 and in future we would produce more than M-100 based on demand in high rise segment. As market demand is moving rapidly towards higher grade of concrete, we have done a lot of R&D work through our central R&D centre and technologies have been developed to provide sustainable, high-rise solutions. We have a vast range of customised value added solutions to address the specific requirement of customers. We have Centre of Excellence (CoE) located in Thane where various products / solutions have been showcased to create more awareness to customers. It's our moment of great pride to say that ACC RMX is the only ready-mix company in India to have both EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) & GreenPro certification for all its products.

Lightweight concrete: ACC Feathercrete
ACC Feathercrete is a concrete solution, scientifically designed to be 50-70 per cent lighter than conventional concrete. This unique property helps in drastic reduction of the structural dead load- making it a preferred solution for all non structural applications such as Terrace/Sunkan slabs, partition walls, profile correction, composite slabs on metal decks and bridge repair. Feathercrete also exhibits better sound- resistant properties, which make it an ideal solution for structures requiring sound insulation.

Historically, lightweight concrete was extensively used for ship building in the United States in the year 1918 and 1919. Lightweight concrete is known to have better shock resistance as compared to conventional concrete in atomic bomb test of buildings

Superfast solution: ACC Jetsetcrete
ACC Jestsetcrete
is a specially-engineered solution, crafted to gain ultra high strength in a few hours. Packed with advance features such as "rapid strength gain" and "self levelling" which facilitates quicker removal of formwork and offers greater flexibility vis-a vis conventional concrete. Jetsetcrete is hence the perfect solution, which will always help you fast-track your construction speed from days to just a few hours. Jetsetcrete can give 5-7 per cent cost saving for a project at an elemental level. It is an ideal solution for a country like India where on an average residential projects get delayed by approximate three years

Heat resistance concrete: ACC Refraxcrete
This concrete is designed for industrial application and requires different engineering performance. For applications like foundry castings, jet blasts where the temperature in and around concrete exceeds 300 degree Celsius ordinary concrete can suffer damage effecting lifecycle and durability of these structures. Elements could distort, displace, and the concrete surface could also spall, ACC Refraxcrete is highly-engineered concrete for structures exposed to high temperatures available in all grades.

ACC RMX for futuristic value-added solution
We are in the continuous process of developing various customised solutions based on the market demands and future needs.

To address the scenario of rising global temperature, Increase usage of air conditioning, we have heat insulation concrete solutions.

Light weight sound insulating concrete will help us to reduce the noise level by 15 dB

As per the study on influence of chloride threshold value in service life prediction of RCC- Indian Academy of Science, 3 per cent of world's GDP is lost due to premature deterioration and corrosion of concrete structure. We have developed ACC Cure Crete, ACC antibacterial concrete to address these issues.

We have extensive range of customised products and solutions to serve better to our prestige customers:

Flow Crete is a solution by ACC for architects and engineers aimed towards the best finishing for structures having congested reinforcements. It facilitates enhancement of site productivity and significantly reduces the noise level, thanks to its self-consolidating properties.

We have a range of decorative solutions for architects in the form of imprint Crete and Colour Crete.

We have Temperature controlled concrete i.e., ACC Cool Crete and ACC Insulocrete

Road construction is another segment where we provide a number of solutions in the form of UTWT, UTWT-8, and UTWT-24, Super coat and Super coat Premium

We have fast setting concrete solutions i.e., ACC Jetsetcrete and light weight concrete solutions

ACC is well known as one of the best solution providers to mid and high rise towers. ACC Ultivacrete is the high strength and high performance concrete for high rise construction

We also offer sustainable solutions in the form of Permecrete and Life Crete, which are aimed at ground water conservation and long term durability of concrete

We also have Neev, Aadhar, and Suraksha, for footings, columns, and slabs, respectively, aimed at individual house builders and other smaller construction projects. These products have better properties compared to the generic grades of concrete available in the market.

All our products are designed with long-term applicability in mind. They are designed to have a higher service life than any of the other products offered in the market. ACC is a strong believer in sustainable solutions and this is the key pillar of thought while designing our concrete solutions.

ACC is a part of Lafarge Holcim Group (a world leader in construction solutions) with which it enables ACC to leverage technical support and global expertise on new technology in the field of construction. ACC has an established track record of consistently partnering with the biggest names in the country.

It has a strong backup of a world class research centre at Lyon, thus ensuring best-in-class solutions, making it the leading choice when it comes to construction solutions.

We have a very robust and mature quality control system deployed across our pan India operations. Each cluster has a full-fledged central quality lab to perform raw material analysis and mix design evaluation. These cluster labs are backed by a state-of the-art R&D lab, which we also call mini Lyon, located in Thane. Mix designs used in production are approved and controlled by a central desk in R&D lab in Thane. Most of our commercial plants are certified by QCI (Quality Council of India).

Due to the focussed government policies and the impetus of smart cities, the construction industry in India has been booming.

Numerous infrastructure projects such as roads, metros, and airports, are in pipeline for the next decade. Major demand is expected from the mid and high rise segment, especially for slum development and rehabilitation projects. We have been signing contracts for power projects, metro works, and commercial spaces such as industries, factories, malls, and software parks.

Prahlad Mujumdar, CEO - Concrete and B2B Business, ACC Ltd.

CC RMX is the only ready-mix company in India to have both EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) & GreenPro certification for all its products.

ACC is a part of Lafarge
Holcim Group with which it enables ACC to leverage technical support and global expertise on new technology in the field of construction.

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