CWAB 2020: Building Stars since 15 years!
CWAB 2020: Building Stars since 15 years!

CWAB 2020: Building Stars since 15 years!

15th CONSTRUCTION WORLD Architect & Builder Awards
recognises 43 winners from the Architects & Builders fraternity organised by FIRST Construction Council.
  • 15th year of hosting the Oscars of the design and building industry; first CONSTRUCTION WORLD Architect and Builder Awards (CWAB) virtual event ever.
  • Graced by Chief Guest Shri Bhagat Singh Koshyari, Governor of Maharashtra and Governor of Goa, and Guest of Honour Shri Ved Parkash Dudeja, Vice Chairman, Rail Land Development Authority (RLDA).
  • Recognising India's Top 10 Architects; Top 9 Builders; 11 Regional Winners; 13 Noteworthy Projects.
  • August 28, 2020, India: No pandemic or lockdown came in the way of bringing the architects and builders fraternity together! The 15thCONSTRUCTION WORLD Architect & Builder Awards (CWAB) - ONLINE Awards, held on Friday, August 28, 2020, recognised and awarded over 40 leading architects and builders in India.

    In the words of renowned architect and Padma Bhushan awardee Mr Hafeez Contractor, "The whole world has virtually stopped, but FIRST Construction Council's CWAB awards and functions are still going on. I really congratulate you and thank you for the positive work you are doing for our building industry."

    Fifteen years ago, the CWAB Awards were initiated to recognise and award excellence in process and execution. And ever since, they are known to be the Oscars of the design and building industry! Year-on-year, the CWAB Awards have followed a painstaking process of recognising excellence. And this year once again celebrates design excellence with a unique theme - FuSion (Futuristic Vision): To plan, design and build structures that are "future-ready".

    The CWAB Awards2020 was gracedby Chief Guest Shri Bhagat Singh Koshyari, Governor of Maharashtraand Governor of Goa, and Guest of Honour Shri Ved Parkash Dudeja, Vice Chairman, Rail Land Development Authority (RLDA). The event was powered by BKT (Balkrishna Industries); Gold Partner KONE Elevators; Silver Partner Katerra; and Design Dialogue PartnerOrientbell Tiles.

    Mr Pratap Padode, Founder& President, FIRST Construction Council, an infrastructure think-tank, established 17 years ago, gave the perfect start to the event. In his welcome address speaking about the distinguishing feature of the winners, he said, "A Brand which commands trust, quality, design, and value is the brand to aspire to be."On the need for digital technologies in buildings he stressed that, "Indian private companies are spearheading the BIM adoption revolutionbut it is mostly being used for overseas clients.BIM technology recent examples include Bengaluru Airport and the Delhi Metro Rail but the industry as a whole is lagging in this regard. A mandatory usage of BIM technology for large projects maybe the way forward since only Over half of India's construction companies including those involved in rail, road and housing projects, currently only spend 1-3% of their annual turnover on technologies."

    The virtual event also witnessed the unveiling of the 15th CWAB SPECIAL ISSUE that features all the winners, jury, noteworthy projects, and images for the past 15 years - over 50 winners across all categories, over 100 jury members, over 36 noteworthy projects, over 28 regional award winners for the past 15 years!

    In his keynote address, said Chief Guest Shri Bhagat Singh Koshyari, Governor of Maharashtra, and Governor of Goa,"During these times of COVID-19, I congratulate CONSTRUCTION WORLD for conducting this virtual event. CONSTRUCTION WORLD, under the leadership of Mr Pratap Padode, among all others, is important in the construction group. This event is quite useful, and I hope that post this event, the construction group, all architects and those concerned will hopefully give a new initiative to the Indian construction industry. I am also happy that CONSTRUCTION WORLD awards firms and projects in each region of India.Today, construction and all other such activities has become very important, and I hope that under the leadership of Mr Padode, the persons involved in construction and other such related activities will be encouraged and get new inspiration from such events. I wish you success in your magazines as well."

    "I am delighted to be the Guest of Honour at the 15th edition of the Construction World Architect and Builder Awards and would like to thank ASAPP Info Global Group for giving me an opportunity to interact with some of the brightest minds in India," avered Guest of Honour Shri Ved Parkash Dudeja, Vice Chairman, Rail Land Development Authority (RLDA)."For over 20 years,ASAPP Info Global Group, with Mr Pratap Padode at the helm, has drastically transformed the B2B media with its dynamic offerings in print, web and the event space. The holistic information experience provided by the group through its bouquet of awards such as the CONSTRUCTION WORLD ANNUAL AWARDS for construction equipment and building material companies, the CONSTRUCTION WORLD ARCHITECT & BUILDER AWARDS for top architects and builders and several others like EQUIPMENT INDIA AWARDS and SMART PROJECT AWARDS have set a benchmark for the industry. The CONSTRUCTION WORLD ARCHITECT & BUILDER Awards have emerged as a flagship event and a one-stop platform for the construction and architecture industry for the past 14 years. This event is an opportunity for developers, investors, consumers and the real estate eco-system. It provides greater prospect for them to converge on a common platform and it recognises their exemplary contribution in building a futuristic India."

    Shri Dudeja further added that the real estate players and leading architects have a great responsibility in shaping India's development story. "They have done commendable work in this direction and their efforts must be recognised and valued. Events such as the CONSTRUCTION WORLD ARCHITECT & BUILDER AWARDS play a pivotal role in sensitising the stakeholders on the role of real estate players and leading architects in modern India and augmenting the government efforts in this direction."

    On his part,Dr Niranjan Hiranandani, Founder & Managing Director, Hiranandani Group, thanked CONSTRUCTION WORLD for once again recognising his firm as among India's Top Builders 2020. "Even in these COVID times, it is wonderful to know that CONSTRUCTION WORLD continues to hold award ceremonies. The COVID situation is difficult and yet many of us can continue with construction activities even in this difficult time. Thank you, CONSTRUCTION WORLD,for recognising this activity of the construction industry, the developers, and the building industry."

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