Graduate to an engineer at PENTA
Graduate to an engineer at PENTA

Graduate to an engineer at PENTA

By recruiting freshers, PENTA tries to combine the technical acumen of senior talent with fresh approach of youngsters to deliver better solutions to customers.

At PENTA India Technical Consultants Pvt. Ltd. (erstwhile PENTA India Cement & Minerals Pvt Ltd), we provide engineering design solutions to cement, lime and mineral processing industries since 1986.

Being a consultancy company, our employees are our assets and we invest in them. We are proud to say today that we have picked talented, experienced people from the industry and developed them to make focused and result-oriented teams that work much to the delight of the customers by providing value engineering.

As someone has rightly said, "Talent without enthusiasm is like
a Ferrari without fuel". With a view to infuse new generation enthusiasm, fresh, new ideas and innovative thinking, we conduct campus recruitments in engineering colleges or walk-in interviews for freshers. By recruiting freshers, we try to combine the technical acumen of senior talent with fresh approach of youngsters to deliver better solutions to customers. As a non-technical person, I perceive a good engineer to be one who has imbibed deep sense of analytical and logical thinking ability from the knowledge he has acquired through sound education.

We have been screening young minds for a number of years and have tried to assess fundamentals in basic engineering, mathematical concepts or ability to articulate and think logically, unfortunately this has been a challenge and a herculean task, to say the least! To me, this worryingly reveals concerns about the underlying issues that plague our engineering education system, in terms of faulty course content and design among other issues. I am sure many of you will agree, colleges have become a lucrative business opportunity rather than a noble institution imparting knowledge that it is originally envisaged to be. More than three million Indians graduate out of colleges every year, of these 20 to 25 per cent are engineers, out of which only 19 per cent engineers are fit for employment. (Source: Aspiring Minds National Employability Report-Engineers 2014).

As a panacea to this problem, I strongly feel the need to have a Government Licensing body which, through well designed tests, qualifies engineers across all colleges in India for a common engineering license by putting them through examinations, which provide a yardstick for their skill, knowledge and attitude. This organisation could be on the lines similar to PE qualification in the US & Europe, which qualifies engineers or The Medical Council of India (MCI), a statutory body which registers doctors to practice in India. The job of this licensing body should not end at issuing licenses for lifetime, but it should also formulate a system for renewal of year on year through seminars, workshops, R&D initiatives, etc., thereby keeping the fraternity abreast of latest developments thus bringing a level of professionalism in engineering industry.

I am sure many of us in the fraternity share my sentiment that this would be a possible solution to recruitment woes all of us face for lateral and fresh hiring. Going forward, companies would be happy encouraging engineers to grow/enhance their skills and do what it takes to keep their licenses valid, as this would be a mutually beneficial proposition.

- Sharmila Bhagwat, Head, PENTA India

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