Himachal govt asks cement firms to cut prices

Himachal govt asks cement firms to cut prices

Cement companies in Himachal Pradesh have been asked by the State government to lower the prices of the key building material. The cement companies must reduce the prices of cement bags sold in Himachal as the state is suffering in terms of pollution, losing resources and grappling with health hazards due to the cement plants, The State Industries Minister Mukesh Agnihot said on April 4.

The Minister asked why should the people in the state pay more for cement bags, which is costing Rs 340 in Himachal compared to Rs 275 in adjoining states. Himachal is producing 10.11 million tonne of cement annually and it was not justified that the cement companies reap a huge profit of Rs 100-150 per on the cement bags sold in the state, he said.

The Minister said that the a cement manufacturer in the state has agreed to supply the cement to government at Rs 155 per bag against the price of Rs 174 quoted earlier, resulting in saving of Rs 18-24 crore on this rate contract in just one year.

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