Hollow core slabs from Nordimpianti

Hollow core slabs from Nordimpianti

Hollow core slabs made from pre-stressed concrete elements using NORDIMPIANTI´s E120 EVO Extruders have a constant cross section. Pre-stressed strands or single wire with a high tensile strength are embedded within the element. The production of these elements is achieved using extruder and slipformer machines that cast continuously on a long production bed without the need of any formwork. Hollow core slabs are highly developed structural elements used internationally due to their many advantages and diverse applications.

Today they are the most widely used precast elements because of their techno-economic characteristics and are widely used for flooring and wall panels in industrial, commercial, residential and infrastructure construction.

NORDIMPIANTI´S EVO Extruders imparts excellent smooth steel formwork finish to the lower surface of the element. The casting machine being the most important part of the production chain; Nordimpianti has used their own and customers experience to offer to the market this new product that improves on performance, whilst at the same time reduces maintenance costs. This is attested by Industrille DuBeton leading precast producer in France since the 70s.

Hollow core slabs

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