Sanjay Jain has been running Srishti Sales Corporation and Shruti Cement Traders

Sanjay Jain has been running Srishti Sales Corporation and Shruti Cement Traders

Sanjay Jain has been running Srishti Sales Corporation and Shruti Cement Traders, New Delhi for 25 years and and has been a distributor/dealer for JK Cement for the past 20 years. "The growth in past 2-3 years has been significantly high as compared to the many past years. There was a boom in the construction industry and infrastructures development because of the Common Wealth Games 2011 and DMRC projects within the NCR," says Sanjay Jain. The company has been supplying cement across north India. "We sell JK cement Sarvashaktiman Nimbaherha but ShreeCement is the largest selling brand in the Delhi. I believe that this is so because of their competitive price and the distribution mechanism," he points outs.

According to him among - OPC, PPC, white cement, slag cement fly ash blended cement and grades (43, 53, 63) the largest selling in the region PPC sells the most. He feels that price volatility affects his sales as well as the trust of the customer towards us. On price sensitivity he says, "Yes, the customers are very price sensitive and also very choosy regarding the prices of various companies."

The proportion of institutional sales and retail sales is 50:50 as of now. "Group-housing system is on a rise within Delhi and thus institutional sales are on a rise." Shruti Cement Traders

monthly dispatch is around 10000 MT in trade per month and the agency stocks approximately 500 MT at a given point of time. According to Sanjay, sales can be improved with company support, awareness of brand and quality and consistency in supplies. On the support from manufacturers he says, "The support provided from the manufacturers is in the form of technical workshops/mason meets. I believe that there should be mobile/testing labs." On packaging he feels that there should be a provision which minimizes the use of hooks due to which cement gets wasted and the bags should be double layered so that even if hooks are used the bag isn't torn. On delays in deliver he says that "the transporters should be issued monthly tags so that no time is wasted at toll nakas." Shruti Cement Traders has a tie-up with Union Bank Of India and operates on interest rate of 12.5 per cent pa which has remained static for the past many years.

According to Sanjay the government's move towards GST soon would make the "system would get more smoother as by the introduction of GST we would get rid of CST,VAT,EXCISE and various taxes."

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