Shivji Valji Sheds

Shivji Valji Sheds

Protect your cement, clinker, gypsum, coal, lignite, limestone, bagasse, cargo, machinery, structure with our premium quality sheds and enclosures.

Shivji Valji Sheds is a leading contractors, solution and service providers for safe storage and protection of wide range of materials and goods kept in open plots. Our solutions are used at project sites, manufacturing units, ports, container terminals, godowns and warehouses etc. Our products provide excellent protection from adverse climatic conditions such as heavy rains, wind, and sunlight in order to maintain the durability of goods. We provide great quality products and very cost effective solutions for protecting your goods be it for temporary sheds or in permanent building. You name it and we provide it.

Our range of solutions and services include:

  • Wide span mobile sheds. We have expertise in building sheds covering huge areas as per requirement of customer.
  • Temporary monsoon sheds/weather sheds on hire basis (contract basis). We have built sheds ranging from 10000 sq ft to 100000 sq ft and are equipped to build larger sheds.
  • Permanent sheds with robust metal structure
  • We undertake all types of jobs covering plants, machineries, raw materials, finished goods and cargo depots with our tarpaulins supported on structures built of bamboo and ropes. The protection is setup by our team of high skilled workers and supervisors at your site.

Our range of products includes:

  • We supply finished material such as cotton canvas, HDPE, LDPE, polyester and PVC tarpaulins. These are used to cover various open areas of heavy units plants, open grounds, construction sites (retail malls, buildings including residential and commercial spaces), railway wagons, truck and trailer coverings, goods kept in warehouses etc.
  • Fire retardant tarpaulins for expensive cargo Black and virgin grade polythene sheets and HDPE sheets for floor covering, dunnage sheets etc.
  • Shah Shivji Valji & Co is a 100 year old company with extensive experience in the shed building business. It has earned reputation of a leader by serving renowned customers for many years.

Major sectors covered:

Cement industry: To protect valuable raw material used at the plants such as clinker, red ocher, laterite, gypsum, coal etc.

Sugar industry: To protect finished sugar packed in bags and also plants where sugar is stored and manufactured. Mining industry: To protect and cover plants where mining activities are carried out along with stored products such as coal, manganese, iron ore etc.

Iron and steel industry: To protect all types of raw materials and finished goods along with storage of spares and consumables which are regularly used in iron and steel industry. Automobile and auto ancillary industries: To protect and store all types of auto parts. Power sector: Huge thermal power plants where there is a need to store coal and also build sheds for storing material and inventory.

Retail sector: Covering the open areas in malls, hyper stores, multiplexes and gymkhana like parking lots, waiting areas, and lawns during monsoon season keeping the comfort of the customer in mind. Infrastructure and construction industry: To protect all kinds of goods at construction sites, malls, hypermarkets hotels, bridges, airports, commercial and residential buildings etc.


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Vallabh Nagda: 91-9987540124
Pratik Shah: 91-9768199499

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