The Future is Greener with RoboSand
The Future is Greener with RoboSand

The Future is Greener with RoboSand

We are all aware that getting natural sand is going to be very difficult particularly in the urban areas. Robo Sillicon is one innovative company from the organised sector which is in the business of manufacturing sand as well as aggregates. It has spread across various states, making use of locally-available materials to produce sand. ICR captures the innovation from technological perspective.

From a modest beginning with a single plant at Keesara Hyderabad, commissioned in 2001, to 14 plants all over India, Robo Silicon is poised to be the catalyst for change with state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. The company ushers in a much-needed sense of professionalism and standardisation for manufactured sand in the construction industry. More importantly, it heralds a new era in eco-friendly construction. A practice prevalent in the west, manufactured sand is fast becoming the preferred component in construction - be it infrastructure projects, commercial or residential complexes, manufactured RoboSand is now laying the foundation for a greener planet.

RoboSand has established itself as the preferred substitute for river sand with its cubicle particle shape, a perfect gradation and absence of impurities. Made using a rock-hit-rock collision technique, RoboSand and Roboaggregates are manufactured in a 3-stage crushing process using natural rocks such as granite, charkonite or basalt rock. At Robo Silicon we pride ourselves on maintaining exacting standards in every facet of the production process. Beginning with a careful selection of our quarry sites right through the drilling, blasting and the 3-stage manufacturing process consisting of the primary stage, secondary and tertiary stages - Robo Silicon adheres to the highest quality norms in manufacturing. Across our 14 plants the sand and aggregates we manufacture ensure consistency, workability, strength and durability to concrete. RoboSand also goes through multiple tests that ensure no impurities and adherence to the IS383 gradation as laid out by IS standards.

Little wonder then that our products are tested and certified by NCCBM, Torsteel and JNTU, making them the viable option for river sand, across the key segments such as the ready-mix concrete (RMC) segment, project segment, large and small builders and individual homes as well as the retail segment. Today, Robo Silicon partners with the leading names in RMC segment to help develop large infrastructure projects across India having won their trust with superior products and with a guaranteed availability at all times as required by our customers.

Customer-centric approach
It is this customer-centric approach that has percolated every facet of our business. Beginning with superior products at competitive prices, Robo Silicon brings in a much needed professionalism to an otherwise unorganised industry even in the simplest things we do such as ensuring every order is accompanied by a Delivery Note and Royalty Slip. In addition we also provide a Sieve Analysis Report with every order. A customer outreach programme ensures that every order is attended across multiple channels - be it a toll-free number or the website for our customers to reach us. A dedicated team of well-trained service staff attends to order status and dispatch inquiries over phone across all our markets.

With infusion of Private Equity investment from India Value Fund (IVF) that has invested in Robo Silicon´s and an adherence to quality combined with a customer-centric approach has enabled us to foray for an ambitious growth in forthcoming financial years. Today, we are proud of having established a nationwide brand of trust in Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Mangalore, and Coimbatore apart from Hyderabad. Robo Silicon also continues to be at the forefront of innovation with RoboPlast û a specialised product for brick-working and plaster applications to be launched very soon in the market.

Customer-focused initiatives
We have been focusing on all our internal process to build a robust customer interface and facilitate many of the customer transactions. One such initiative is the weighbridge automation, software installed in our plants, which has improved our routing and scheduling plan for ensuring prompt customer delivery. It enables minimal waiting time for the vehicles, taking the material to the customer as all the data is fed in the system, retrieved using barcode, when the material is weighed. The system also ensures the right product to the right customer as all the orders from SAP are mapped against the dispatches, monitored by the weighbridge software.

The other important initiative, which we have embarked, is sales force automation, a critical activity in the entire supply chain. We have mapped the sales process and are building in tool for collecting order on move by the sales team, integrated to our SAP. We are also making all the customer data available online for the sales team in the field and are building provisions to feed the prospective customer data, online. This has created an air confidence amongst the sales team and has enabled enhancement of the overall end customer´s experience, dealing with us.

Finally, in order to educate the customers on the benefits of manufactured sand, Robo Silicon is making considerable progress in engaging with customers right at the end user through Mason meets as well as expanding market reach through retail forays. The future is definitely greener as more and more construction majors shift to the eco-friendly substitute of RoboSand and Aggregates.

The company uses state of art impact crushers to produce sand and aggregates. The selection of base rock is done in a scientific way through various tests. The final products have been tested & certified by NCCBM, Torsteel & JNTU. Every order is accompanied by a Royalty Slip, a Sieve Analysis Report. For complaint redressal, there is a a toll-free number. The sales process and related actions are integrated through SAP platform. The company has under taken educational programs for the end users. The initiative is supported by Private Equity investment from India Value Fund (IVF).

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