There is a lot of scope for synthetic oil-based lubricants
There is a lot of scope for synthetic oil-based lubricants

There is a lot of scope for synthetic oil-based lubricants

Imtiaz Ahmed,
Asia Pacific Mobil SHC Brand Manager, ExxonMobil Lubricants Private Limited
The world´s largest multinational oil and gas company perceives immense growth potential in India.
Imtiaz Ahmed, Asia Pacific Mobil SHC Brand Manager, ExxonMobil Lubricants Private Limited
is in conversation with RATNA NAIR on the significance of lubrication, energy efficiency and oil analysis.

How is´Make in India´ likely to affect the Indian lubricant sector? Do you see growth opportunities here?
The government´s focus on ´Make in India´ is expected to bolster further industrial growth in India. The industrial lubricant business foresees a simultaneous growth as the manufacturing sector gears up for the´Make in India´ campaign. With the anticipated liberalisation of the oil sector in the foreseeable future, it is also believed that lubricant industry will witness a structural shift of volume growth to value growth and gain market share.

Our operations in the downstream sector include the import of base oils, lubricant oil blending, packaging and distribution, marketing of Mobil´s range of lubricants, specialities and technical services. Mobil´s range of industrial lubricants product portfolio in India is well positioned to support the economic and industrial growth taking place in the country. We look forward to the government making positive steps towards an enabling environment. ExxonMobil will continue to contribute to this national initiative by helping our customers in manufacturing sector remain sustainably competitive, produce efficiently and make their mark on the global arena, leveraging our technology leading Mobil SHC, Mobil Grease and premium products supported by application expertise that commit and deliver advancing productivity benefits.

What is the latest in lubricant technology?
The science of tribology is growing and will become more important in the future because of constantly increasing demands of improved efficiency from the industry. Looking at the future, the trend is towards lubricants and base oils with even higher purity, lower volatility and longer life. The molecular structure of base oils will be designed to provide higher lubrication performance. Selectivity towards desired molecular compositions will be enhanced by employing better hydro-processing catalysts, feed stocks and process improvements.

As part of the team behind Mobil Industrial Lubricants, we are always challenging ourselves for new ways to better address our customers´ needs, see how key trends will impact the industrial landscape, what lubricant technologies and services will be needed in the future, and how we can continue to differentiate ourselves and offer more value to our customers. With our relationship with equipment builders we closely monitor the trend of technology development on the equipment side so that we are ready to deliver the right products. The economic growth in India is opening up great potential for development of renewable resources. Technological advancement in this sector is essential for meeting the ever increasing energy demand of the country. The industry is responding positively to the technology that we bring in. We have introduced energy-efficient lubricants range in the country, whether it is plastic injection moulding machines, gear boxes, bearings or other high output hydraulic packs, etc.

There is a lot of scope for synthetic oil-based lubricants since the industry is taking note of new technologies and is keen to achieve energy efficiency targets to ensure that their equipment run more efficiently and productivity gains are achieved.

How can the right lubricant save energy costs?
From Mobil Industrial Lubricants´ perspective, we are geared up to meet and exceed industry needs and requirements through a suite of step up technology lubricants designed to potentially deliver energy efficiency benefits. For example, energy efficiency savings to the tune of 1.5 per cent can be achieved in gas engines operating on Mobil SHC Pegasus 30 in power generation and natural gas compression sectors, while extensive field tests and controlled laboratory assessment have proven up to 3.6 per cent savings with synthetic product such as Mobil SHC 600 series or Mobil SHC Gear series in various industrial and power generation ancillary applications. In hydraulic equipment across many industrial and off-highway applications, one can experience up to 6 per cent pump efficiency with Mobil DTE 10 Excel range of products. Understanding equipment and its application, followed by selection of the right lubricant, helps gain the maximum mileage from these technologies.

Hence, Mobil Industrial Lubricants not only keep machines at top performance, but also help improve energy output and reduce carbon emissions at the same time.

How significant is oil analysis? What are its advantages?
To support Mobil´s available product portfolio, high level of performance is not enough; it is also important to deliver technical services and support to Mobil customers at the right time so as to achieve superior product performance and deliver sustainability benefits.

Mobil´s Signum oil analysis programme is specifically tailored to monitor critical indicators for in-service lubricating oils. Signum has become a global service based on over 40 years of expertise in lubricating oil analysis. It delivers safety, productivity and environmental care because it is supported by full technical rigour of the ExxonMobil team of formulators, scientists and engineers who not only develop the products, but understand their performance and life cycle in the field. The Signum programme also uses the most sophisticated interpretation logic and the most extensive used-oil analysis limits database available today-a full spectrum of analytics to ensure accuracy.

At Mobil Industrial Lubricants, we are committed to helping companies be safer, more productive, and more aware of environmental care practices. By taking a proactive, predictive approach to maintenance through Signum Oil Analysis, the customer can prevent costly production delays and equipment failures, while helping to protect workers as well as the environment.

Signum can analyse oil products from other brands as well. The Signum Laboratory is capable of processing several hundred samples analyses a day, and can generate, for most client applications, a comprehensive analysis report in 48 hours after sample reception receipt.

With our lubricant business growing steadily in Asia Pacific, more and more customers are requesting superior oil analysis to improve machine efficiency and reduce downtime. The Signum Laboratory in China is the company´s fourth fully operated Signum laboratory in the world and the first Signum laboratory in Asia Pacific, designed specifically to support our customers using our centralised Signum database. The Signum Laboratory at Asia Products Tech Center (APTC) enables ExxonMobil to provide better support to our customers in Asia Pacific and deliver recommendations tailored to the Asian market.

Signum Oil Analysis is recommended for customers worldwide across industries such as Wind, Mining, Steel, Power, Cement, Petro Chemical/Paper, Commercial vehicles (for both on-highway and off-highway equipment).

Few other services offered by Mobil Industrial Lubricants

  • Hydraulic system inspections
  • Gear Inspections
  • Trouble Shoot services
  • Lubrication Audits & rationalisation
  • Grease training on application and use
  • Centralised grease system analysis and optimisation
  • Videoscopy
  • Expert Analysis Services

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