Towards sustainable structures
Towards sustainable structures

Towards sustainable structures

We are strategically focussing on development of products and services that help customers build sustainable structures, writes Prabir Ray.

UltraTech is committed towards improving its sustainable footprint through constant innovation. We focus on producing quality products that meet the needs of our customers, while ensuring that we reduce our environmental footprint, take care of our employees´ health and safety, and contribute to wider initiatives for our communities. We are a Member of Cement Sustainability Initiative (CSI), and we aim to improve our sustainable footprint in waste management, energy reduction, water conservation, biodiversity management, afforestation and emission reduction. We are strategically focusing on development of products and services that help customers build sustainable structures - structures which are more durable, more resource-efficient, more cost effective and more conducive to the human lifestyle. Innovation is the tool we have adopted to spearhead scientifically engineered products that complement future-ready construction practices.

A green product portfolio
Our building products division is a hub of innovation that offers an array of scientifically engineered products to cater to new-age constructions. Aerated autoclaved concrete (AAC) blocks are economical, light-weight blocks ideal for high-rise buildings, providing thermal and acoustic insulation, and are fire and termite-resistant. Our dry mix products include waterproofing, grouting, and plastering solutions designed for faster completion of projects.

Our building products are ready-to-use, thereby enabling quicker and hassle-free application. Our products are recognized as green building products, as they do not contain volatile organic content. Sustainability is at the core of new product development, which is reflected in their ability to save building material, water, energy and time during applications.

Our commitment to our customers and to the environment makes us one of the most trusted brands in the concrete industry. Beyond RMC, a broad range of value-added concrete has been specifically designed to meet typical applications requiring one or more properties, behaviours, compositions or performance. State-of-the-art technologies and innovation are the key factors behind UltraTech Concrete´s success. It supports the needs of the customers in the urban markets, making way for speedy and economical construction.

UltraTech Concrete is India´s first concrete to meet the requirement of LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) and other green building rating systems as recognized by Indian Green Building Council. We are the first commercial RMC company in India to adopt concrete recycling technology. Expert Quality Systems (EQS) for managing quality of raw materials, efficient raw mix design, and cube test results to help analyse data statistically.

The author is Head RMC, Building Products Division and Key Accounts, UltraTech Cement.

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