We have stopped keeping cement stocks.

We have stopped keeping cement stocks.

Pankaj Malhotra, Proprietor, Eklavya Enterprises
ICR is constantly in touch with cement dealers, who are the crucial, connecting link between the manufacturer and the consumer. Dealers know the pulse of market, beat by beat. So we asked them how their business was going and what were the problems they were beset with. Here is their response, in their voice.

I have been serving the market from the last 15 years. Some of the brands sold at our shop include JK, Shree Cement, Birla Uttam, Ambuja, etc. The best- selling brand is Ambuja.Our products are supplied to the Delhi region. Product sales depend on a lot of factors and hence we believe in having multiple brands at our shop. Product preference is seen as highly dependent on advertising impact.

The sales volume in Delhi has however, dipped to a large extent. The demand is less than half the supply we get. In Delhi, there is an inflow of of two lakh bags on a daily basis. Where will all this cement go when there are not enough projects? Rates are fluctuating drastically; one day, it is Rs 270, the next day it is Rs 220. There is variation of Rs 50 - 60!

If one keeps cement in stock, then one is bound to suffer a loss. We learned this the hard way; after that, we have stopped keeping cement stocks. We sell directly, hand to hand.

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