Issued by GOVERNMENT OF INDIA Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate change notification

The extract
of the DRAFT notification to be released by the Central Government for Cement Industry. The comments on the same are to be sent DIRECTLY to Mr. R.N.Pankaj, DD(CP) on e mail ID rnpankajcpcb@gmail.com on or before August 5th, 2015.

You can also respond through CII, e mail ID dushyant.singh@cii.in on or before July 30th, 2015.

Sr. No. Industry Parameter Standard
Emission Standards
Rotary Kiln- with co-processing of Waste
Date of Commissioning Concentration not to exceed
10(a) Cement Plant with Co-processing of Wastes Particulate matter 30 mg/ Nm3 w.e.f. 1.6.2016
SO2 SO2 100 mg/Nm3
NOX NOX On or after 25.8.2014 600 mg/Nm3 w.e.f. 1.6.2015
Before 25.8.2014 800 mg/Nm3 w.e.f. 1.6.2016

Note : The height of each stack including Clinker Grinding Plant, Coal Mill, Raw Mill, Grinding, Packaging section etc shall be minimum of 30 meters or as per the formula given H = 14 (Q)0.3 whichever is more, where H is the height of the stack in meters and Q is the maximum quantity of SO2 expected to be emitted in kg/hr through the stack at 100 percent rated capacity of the plant and calculated as per the norms of the gaseous emissio

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