DusTreat from GE

DusTreat from GE

DusTreat binding agents are patented dust control technologies from GE designed to reduce fugitive dust emissions and inhibit the surface oxidation of low rank coals. DusTreat binding agents combine the functionality of a long-term residual dust control binder, with an anti-oxidant capability. They prevent dusting by two mechanisms, by agglomerating the fine particles as a binder and by reducing the weathering of the coal.


  • Reduces dusting during loading, unloading, stack-out and reclamation.
  • Reduces in-transit coal losses from rail cars may eliminate the need for car topper treatments.
  • Retards the oxidation and weathering of low rank coals, such as Powder River Basin (PRB) coals.
  • Significantly reduces hot spots, smokers and spontaneous combustion at generating stations and coal terminals.
  • Reduces BTU losses during outside storage at coal yards and terminals.

DusTreat binding

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