High performance general purpose cleaner
High performance general purpose cleaner

High performance general purpose cleaner

CVC Aquakleen is a high performance concentrate for water dilution. It is a revolutionary formulation of surfactants, detergents and additives uniquely blended to aggressively and specifically attack heavy oily and greasy contaminants. With its unique formula it penetrates, wets and lifts off oily and greasy deposits from any surfaces. The surface can be wiped clean or rinsed with water after allowing it for a few minutes to work.

It is used at concentration of 5 to 50 per cent with water depending on what is intended to be cleaned. It is important that the solution must be continuously agitated while the water is being added. Normally 5-10 minute is allowed after dipping the components in the Aquakleen solution after which components can be wiped free of contaminants or rinsed with water.

Applications are in component cleaner and degreaser, tar and asphalt remover, asbestos shingle remover, graffiti remover, concrete cleaner, marine vessel cleaner, etc.

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