New modular washing systems

New modular washing systems

Terex Washing Systems (TWS), a part of Terex Corporation, has launched Terex« AggreSand, a new range of washing systems to wash sand, gravel, aggregates, and construction and demolition (C and D) waste. It brings together Terex Washing Systems´ components in an innovative modular design, setting itself apart from other washing systems in the marketplace.

The newly launched Terex« Aggresand system combines aggregate washing and screening with sand processing on a modular chassis. The Terex« Aggresand range includes the 165 (up to 250tph) and the latest addition, the new larger Terex« Aggresand 206 (up to 400tph), as well as the Terex« Aggrescrub 150 (up to 150tph) plant.

Three aggregates, two sands, one machine
The Aggresand 206 wash plant is the larger model of the recently launched Aggresand 165 (up to 250tph) model and has greater capacity, up to 400tph, and comprises a 20x6 screen with two and three deck options. The Aggresand 206 plant brings modern modular design features, increases productivity (up to 400tph), and shares all the unique features of the Aggresand 165 wash plant. The unique design includes full containerisation of the machine for ease of transportation, rapid set-up time, pre-wired and pre-plumbed plug & play components, isolated spray bars and a HMI control system.

In addition, the level of serviceability within the Aggresand wash plant range is quite interesting with innovative features such as rolling chutes and rolling centrifugal pumps. TWS has also installed sensors throughout the machine providing the operator with information on water pressure, cyclone feed pressure and electrical power consumption, making the operation and management of the machine very efficient.

To date, TWS has installed multiple Aggresand 165 wash plants in Ireland, the UK, parts of Eastern Europe, the US, Canada, Australia and Austria. Customers are also finding it easier to secure planning and finance for these modular plants as opposed to traditional static set ups.

Quarry owner Humphrey Dowling, owner of the first ever Aggresand wash plant commented, ´The throughput currently being achieved on the plant is excellent and the quality of the aggregates and sands being produced is very impressive. The high performance two deck vibrating grid allows us to feed material directly from the face of the quarry, at 200 mm, large material is scalped off while the minus 50 mm material goes straight into the wash plant. This eliminates the need for expensive pre-screening of the feed material.´

New high attrition scrubbing
The second new product unveiled at Hillhead 2014 was the new Aggrescrub 150 (up to 150 tph) plant, particularly suited for the C&D recycling market. Key benefits for customers include the improved wear characteristics, reduced costs, and the ability to effectively scrub aggregates and float out clays/silts/lights (wood/plastics) on one chassis. There are also a number of paddle options available depending on the customers´ needs, including the traditional hard wearing Hardox blades in 15 and 30 mm variances as well as a new high manganese steel option.

The hull acts as a scrubber and also as a water bath. The Terex« Aggrescrub 150 model is fitted with a newly orientated DW062 (6 inch x 2 inch) trash dewatering screen, which dewaters any floated off trash including plastics and organics. The scrubbed aggregate is rinsed and sized on a DW125-2D (12 inch x 5 inch) two deck screen, to produce three clean aggregates for stock piling.

Seamless integration
Another unique benefit to customers is the ability of the Terex« Aggresand wash plant and Terex« Aggrescrub 150 plant to combine to provide the perfect solution for pit owners with high agglomerations of clay. The innovative user-friendly control system on both plants allows full integration between the two systems through the connection of a single ´plug-n-play´ cable. Through this pioneering control system, seamless communication allows the plants to work as a single entity with all interlocks including start-up and shutdown sequences automatically synchronising, which further minimises the amount of on-site installation and commissioning required.

Terex Corporation is a diversified manufacturer of a broad range of equipment focused on delivering reliable, customer-driven solutions for many applications, including the construction, infrastructure, quarrying, mining, shipping, transportation, refining, energy, utility and manufacturing industries. Terex reports in five business segments: aerial work platforms; construction; cranes; material handling and port solutions; and materials processing. The company also offers financial products and services to assist in the acquisition of equipment through Terex Financial Services.

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