Opportunities for MSW in India

Opportunities for MSW in India

Managing waste in the urban areas is always a pain for any local authority. Normally huge funds are provided in the budgetary allocation but the solutions are not easy. One of the ways, is the use of incinerators to burn the waste but that increases pollution and is pretty expensive. However cement industry that uses kiln to get intermediate product called clinker and operates it at 1500 degree Celsius can offer easy solution with minimal investment. Dr.Alka Mishra of FLSmidth covers more details.

The use of waste as an alternative fuel in the cement industry has a longstanding history, particularly in Europe, where substitution rates can reach well over 50 per cent and companies are pushing to reach 100 per cent. This is supported by generous gate fees paid by waste producers to cement companies and tight carbon emissions regulations (some alternative fuels are considered carbon neutral under EU regulations). Indeed, the use of RDF and other alternative fuels is acknowledged as a key step in the cement industry’s path to carbon neutrality, alongside energy efficiency and the use of supplementary cementitious materials.5

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