Pipe conveyor, an enclosed environment friendly system
Pipe conveyor, an enclosed environment friendly system

Pipe conveyor, an enclosed environment friendly system

Transporting powder materials is a challenging job. Use of pipe conveyors for material transportation has addressed the problem to a large extent. PK Madappa of Macmet Engineering gives us the advantages.
The pipe conveyor is a modern bulk material handling system solving problems in training, scattering and spillage of material and the limited angle of inclination of conventional belt conveyor systems. Pipe Conveyors are used where conveying requires horizontal and vertical curves, in a totally enclosed environment friendly system. High-resilient flexible belting has acted as a catalyst for the growth and popularity of pipe conveyor installations.

The material receiving area and discharge area of the pipe conveyor is similar to that of a conventional belt conveyor. The flat belt, after the tail pulley, is slowly shaped through transition and carrying idlers. At the end of the loading zone, the process of pipe formation is achieved sequentially in steps.

In the straight portion of a pipe conveyor, the bottom three rollers at the carrying side support the belt and material load whereas the top three rollers maintain the belt in its pipe shape.

At the horizontal and vertical curved sections, the pipe forming idlers surrounding the belt support the load, depending on the direction of the resultant force, while the remaining rollers maintain the belt in pipe shape.

A pipe conveyor can transfer material between two points, with smaller radius and without any intermediate transfer, which may not be possible with conventional belt conveyors. The current pipe conveyor technology even permits horizontal bends of 90º with some pre-conditions.

The properties of the material conveyed remain intact as it is not exposed to the atmosphere. Pipe conveyors allow transportation of a second material through the return pipe of the system, thereby reducing capital and operating costs.

Pipe Conveyors are used in Cement Plants to transport Limestone, Clinker, Fly-ash, Cement. The closed nature of the conveyor prevents spillage and contamination of the material being conveyed.

Pipe Conveyors offers following advantages over conventional conveyors:

  • Enclosed, clean and environment friendly transportation eliminating spillage, scattering and return dropping of materials.
  • Non-exposure to atmosphere, resulting in retention of material properties while conveying.
  • Curvature possible in both horizontal and vertical planes associated with steeper angle of inclination.
  • Option of transporting second material through the return side pipe of the system, thereby reducing capital and operating cost.
  • Overall savings in space requirement, structural and foundation cost, thereby making the investment decisions easier.
  • Elimination of transfer points - which reduces capital costs; pollution and maintenance costs.
  • Pipe Conveyors can be used for transportation of almost all bulk materials.

Maintenance Trolleys, running along tracks mounted on top of the conveyor structure, also help to reduce costs (associated with walkways), improve maintenance and reduce accidents. These trolleys are fitted with Driving light and Flood light for dark/night operations. The Trolleys are designed to allow complete access to all parts of the conveyor structure and conveyor components. Each trolley has a terminal station at each end of the conveyor for parking, loading and unloading of personnel & equipment for maintenance. The trolley is controlled by an operator console / dash panel. A diesel generator set is provided on the trolley to meet the requirement for operation of welding set, grinding wheel, maintenance equipment, for lighting and auxiliary power requirements.

Macmet, an ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007 certified company, based in Kolkata, provides material handling solutions to core sectors like cement, power, steel, mining and ports. Macmet is India´s leading supplier of pipe conveyors. It has over 1000 conveyor installations operating throughout India. Several cement and power units in India are equipped with Macmet conveyor systems. The confidence of the customers are reflected in their continuing association with MACMET.

The most challenging Pipe Conveyor systems in India have been supplied by Macmet. Some significant milestones have been:

  • Highest capacity Pipe Conveyor - 4,000 tph - for Gayatri Projects Ltd. - TPCIL - Krishnapatnam.

  • World´s longest Pipe Conveyor in regular operation, 7.65 km, 625 mm dia, 4000 tph Pipe Conveyor for Gayatri Projects, SGPL - Krishnapatnam.

  • 7 km Pipe Conveyor with capacity to carry 1500 tons of coal per hour from Mines to O. P. Jindal Super Thermal Power Plant in Chhattisgarh.

  • India´s first indigenously designed pipe conveyor to ACC Ltd´s Chaibasa Unit.
    India´s longest (2.4 km) EP belting pipe conveyor, carrying 1000 Tons of Limestone per hour.

MACMET´s pipe conveyors are being used to carry coal, limestone, sinter, BF dust, cement and ore.

P.K.Madappa, Managing Director, Macmet Engineering

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