Reliable energy supplier, BEUMER Group
Reliable energy supplier, BEUMER Group
Reliable energy supplier, BEUMER Group
With more and more cement plants exploring the option of using alternate fuels in place of fossil fuels, there is a space available for system providers. BAUMER is now widening its scope by stepping into the area of alternate fuel usage. The Group has established the new business segment AFR systems.

In addition to fluid alternative fuels, such as used oil or solvents, the majority of solid fuels consist of complete or shredded scrap tyres, scrap wood, or mixtures of plastic, paper, composite materials or textiles. These products show calorific values similar to brown coal. When producing cement, it is also necessary to ensure that the quality of the ash residues matches the quality of the end product, as all material components are completely incorporated into the clinker and mineralised. Their use makes for a economic production process.

Pre-treated secondary fuels are mostly supplied from external vendors, ready for incineration. Based on wide-ranging experiences and the customer´s requirements, the systems comprise the entire chain, from receiving and unloading the delivery vehicle, up to storing, sampling, conveying and dosing solid alternative fuels. BEUMER Group, provider of intralogistics, supplies its customers worldwide now with three systems, from one single source.

Tailored to every application
BEUMER Group´s program includes the starter system that is used at the main burner. In the cement and limestone industry, primary fuels are usually ground to grain sizes of less The new business segment, AFR systems at BEUMER Group, makes it possible for cement and lime plants to use alternative fuels effectively and safely. than 100 micrometres and fed via the burner. At the end of the rotary kiln, the burner heats up to 2,000 °C, the temperature that is needed for limestone, sand, clay and ore to react and become clinker as an intermediate product. In order to use solid secondary fuels in the clinkering zone burner, they should deliver a calorific value that is at least similar to brown coal (ca. 22 ± 2 MJ/kg), have grain sizes of less than 30 millimetres and burn out while being fed. The oven-ready material is usually delivered in moving-floor trailers.

BEUMER Group provides a docking station that also serves as storage on site. Once the trailer is emptied, it is completely replaced or refilled in the large tent using a wheel loader. The material is metered volumetrically and conveyed to the clinkering zone burner. This solution

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