Road repairing is now easy

Road repairing is now easy

ACC, renowned concrete manufacturer has now launched a couple of new road solutions i.e. UTWT 24 and Speedcrete which ensure quicker and durable construction.
Generally road repairing takes a long time and is a tedious process. Diversions and one ways cause heavy traffic jams. Thus, one amongst the majors involved in ready mix concrete, ACC Concrete launched two new solutions to meet the burgeoning need for speedy road repairs.
The company introduced two breakthrough solutions UTWT 24 and Speedcrete for instant road surface overlay and repair in India. The newly introduce solutions cater to the demands for instant road surface overlay and repair in India. The products can be laid in depth ranging from 100-150 mm for road sections in India.
India's road network of almost 3.5 million km is the world's second largest comprising both paved and unpaved surfaces.
Today, only a meager 2 per cent of the total road length in the country is made up of concrete roads, the remaining vast share is made largely of unbound aggregates surfaced with bitumen or asphalt based layers of varying thicknesses. The conventional methods of building roads precisely, the bituminous roads are highly ineffective in context of their wear and tear.
Potholes are only the earliest and most visible signs of the failure of bitumen roads.

UTWT, Ultra Thin White Topping- 24 is a high performing overlay laid depth ranging from 100-150 mm for road sections and trafficked in 24 hours. It is a single integrated novel solution comprising of amorphous materials and contains cement, modified polymers, mineral and chemical admixtures that helps in quickly achieving desired properties of concrete. It is produced under strict control and formulation; delivered in a controlled manner and craftsmanship on placing, finishing, curing etc by specialists and experienced personnel. It is designed as a complete solution from study of raw materials to finish overlay at application site to speedup the overlay of pavement within highly accelerated time.
• Reduced thickness
Due to thickness of overlay remaining constant for over 2 decades.
• Reduced maintenance
As the concrete overlays live for over two decades, with least maintenance.
• Cost-effective
Compared to asphalt overlays - when Life Cycle Cost is taken into consideration.
• Improved service life
With better riding quality, improved fuel efficiency of vehicles.
Little pre-overlay repairs
Improvement in safety in view of the increased reflection of light - particularly on city roads, it would save 24 per cent less electricity compared to flexible pavements.
Reduction in operational costs and lower absorption of solar energy.

Holcim Indonesia's high-performance SpeedCrete is an overnight hit with developers and highway operators. A package of products and services, SpeedCrete combines proven technology with experienced personnel and careful planning and execution to guarantee that an entire concreting operation takes no more than seven hours; the usual time for an overnight closure. The work meets international standards for both ready-mixed concrete and commercial construction and has been used extensively to repair toll roads, port areas and other developments. As the name suggests Speedcrete can be trafficked merely in eight hoursThe main advantage of this product is that it saves time and avoids traffic jams unlike the normal road repairs. It is designed as a complete solution from study of raw materials to finish overlay at application site to speedup the overlay of pavement within highly accelerated time. Hans Fuchs, Managing Director, ACC Concrete said, "Every year crores of rupees are spent on road maintenance and filling potholes across cities in India. Speedcrete is an integrated high performing novel solution from ACC Concrete for planned instant road repairs. A delivery of Speedcrete is treated with utmost care and completed by experienced personnel with special techniques before trafficking in eight hours

Primary applications

These products can be used for roads and highways, road rehabilitation and repairs. UTWT 24 and Speedcrete can also be used for air pavement repairs and bridge, loading dock/ ports, parking decks and industrial floor. Both the types of concrete do not require any special labour training and can be easily laid, which further saves the cost of the company.
The over-lay application at site is scheduled and construction work is carried out after complete study of filler local materials, mix design and its formulation. The prepared surface is laid with UTWT 24 and Speedcrete and the delivery of both the products are screeded, fusion finished, textured, cured and joint cut/ filled, site cleared with special techniques before trafficking.

Surface Application

The solutions can be put to multiple applications ranging from urban roads and highways repairs, road rehabilitations, air pavement repairs, bridge deck repairs to loading dock and ports repairs.

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