State govt takes action against cement firms

State govt takes action against cement firms

Vikas Damle

Megahlaya government is taking action against the cement companies that violated environment and forest norms, State Forest and Environment Minister Prestone Tynsong informed the Megahlaya assembly.

Based on the Joint Inspection Team conducted by the State Forest department and Ministry of Environment and Forest (MoEF), the state government is taking action on cement firms, he said.

According to a report submitted by the MoEF, not less than 838 hectare where these cement factories are located have been assessed as "forest land".

Some cement companies in Jaintia hills are charged with "gross violation" of the Forest and Conservation Act, 1980. The Ministry of Environment and Forest will decide on the amount of compensation that these cement companies have to pay according to the said Act, the minister informed the assembly.

According to the report, the forest ministry is yet to conform whether the remaining 1140 ha of land already acquired or under process of acquisition by the said cement companies, is forest land or not.

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