Synthetic Multi-purpose Moly Grease
Synthetic Multi-purpose Moly Grease

Synthetic Multi-purpose Moly Grease

SYNOL XA-100 is a versatile synthetic multipurpose moly-based grease with special additives used for plain and antifriction bearings. It increases bearing life, extends lubrication intervals, lowers energy consumption, protects from rust & corrosion, and reduces grease inventory. It can be used in industries wherever multipurpose grease are used in industries, especially for industries which consume ball and roller bearings, bushes and those which require lubrication of chains, linkages, joints, slides and ways. It can be dispensed through centralised lubrication system and it is an ideal lubrication for electric motors and water pumps.

It can replace all conventional and multipurpose greases used in the textile industry and will give at least 2-3 times longer re-lubrication intervals.

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