The Beast

The Beast

Incorporating fine nozzles a high pressure pump and a large fan motor, the
is perfect for suppressing dust on mines and quarries, and also for waste water evaporation. The fine nozzles and high pressure pump create a fine mist, which is blown into the air by a fan powered by a 30kw motor. Designed to be portable, the Beast is easily maneuvered into place ensuring the most efficient and effective operation. With it one can easily control dust over a large area especially on crushing plants. The Beast can also be set up for waste water control, a larger pump and high volume nozzles are fitted which is effective in the evaporation of waste water.


  • Can be used with a chemical dosing pump for odour and improved dust abatement.
  • Supplied with heavy- duty powder coat on three wheels, all terrain trolley.
  • 44, 000 CFM of airflow generated by 30 Kw fan and motor.
  • 6,724 square meters coverage.
  • Oscillator gives 0-125 degrees of movement.
  • Adjustable angle of throw 0-60 degrees of height adjustment.

Dust Suppression

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