Volvo machines support eco-town construction in Malaysia
Volvo machines support eco-town construction in Malaysia

Volvo machines support eco-town construction in Malaysia

Excavators, haulers, and motor graders are among some 40 machines from Volvo CE being used to build a luxury, gated 533-acre township in Malaysia.

In Selangor, Malaysia, a mixed residential and commercial township is currently under construction. An eco-master plan - which outlines green initiatives for the use of energy & water, design, landscaping, and construction guides the creation of the development. The township is one of 18 similarly-themed projects spread across three key economic regions in Malaysia, all of which will join the growing portfolio of the co-developer, a top property developer in the Southeast Asian nation.

Fittingly, the main subcontractor of the township, Advancecon Infra Sdn Bhd (Advancecon), has deployed 40 of its Volvo CE machines for the work. Machines from Volvo CE offer industry-leading designs in terms of sustainability and environmental care, making them the ideal choice for a project with such strict guidelines for green construction.

The range of machines deployed by Advancecon comprises excavators, articulated haulers, and motor graders. All of them have Volvo's trademark fuel efficiency, while Volvo Care Cabs boast advanced designs that reduce operator fatigue and increase safety and productivity.

'We have 84 machines from Volvo CE in our fleet and 40 of them allocated to this project,'said Dato' Phum Ang Kia, CEO of Advancecon Holdings Berhad, parent company of Advancecon. 'We exclusively use Volvo excavators now, having used them for so many years. They are durable with a very strong breakout force and the hydraulics system is highly satisfactory.'

Ultimate digging tools
With a lot of earthworks to complete on the huge site, the sizable combined bucket capacity of the EC700C, EC480D, EC330BLC, and EC140BLC excavators is helping work stay on track. Advancecon is targeting completion of the project in November this year.

The EC700C is the largest of the excavators on the project, with a hefty operating weight of 69,300 kg to 71,700 kg. Its gross power is 346 kW, while bucket capacity can extend up to 6.6 m3.

The EC480D is the next biggest, and one of Asia's most popular excavators in the 40-ton plus category. It has an operating weight of 47,300 kg to 53,100 kg and gross power of 265 kW, while its bucket capacity can be up to 3.8 m3.

These crawler excavators are Volvo's ultimate digging tools, designed to deliver long-lasting performance, strength, power, and fuel-efficiency. Ably supported by Volvo's after-sales service team, their productivity and return on investment are maximised through the minimal downtime customers experience with a Volvo. oWe're very satisfied with Volvo's after-sales service because they have a highly-experienced technical team. Whenever I have a technical problem, they respond very quickly,o concludes Dato' Phum.

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