Water repellents from Mapin

Water repellents from Mapin

Mapin Industrial Company has been appointed as Indenting Agents by FedChem, UK, for their water repellent range. They have two excellent water repellents Manalox 410 (Solvent based) and WB 410 (Water based).

Manalox 410 is to be diluted with solvent and it is used by installers who inject it in bricks in old buildings to prevent rising damp. Manalox 410 is diluted with solvent and sometimes other additives like resins, waxes or pigments can be added. Then it is used for water proofing of the vertical surface of the buildings.

Manalox WB10 was developed exactly for the wood coating market in North America to replace solvent based products. It can be used 'as supplied' to give an excellent clear water proofing for wood. It is not film forming and hardly affects the appearance of the timber.

For further information, please contact:

Mapin Industrial Company, 118 New Apollo Estate, 23 Mogra Village road, Andheri East, Mumbai - 400069 PH: 28384439 / 28380579 E-mail: mapinchem@gmail.com


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