Waterproof and Tamperproof Cement Pack from ARODO
Waterproof and Tamperproof Cement Pack from ARODO

Waterproof and Tamperproof Cement Pack from ARODO

Arodo's AROVAC vacuum bagging system turns the conventional problems of old on their head by using a unique two stage vacuum process.
Packaging for dry powdered materials has changed little in the last 40 years leaving the 'end user' to cope with the problems associated with the industry standard paper valve sack. As a result problems such as dust, spillage and a relatively high wastage return rate caused by the ingress of water brought about by poor storage conditions have largely remained unchallenged.
All is about to change with the Arodo AROVAC vacuum bagging system that produces fully de-aerated plastic packs that don't feature perforations of any kind. The absence of perforations allows each individual pack to be stored or placed in the most arduous of weather conditions without risk of spoiling the product through water ingress.
According to Arodo, packs such as the one illustrated have been placed outside and completely underwater for weeks before retrieving and using the product as if it had been freshly packed.
  • Suitable for unprotected storage outside
  • Water/weatherproof
  • Significantly increased shelf life
  • Eliminates 'spoilage' returns
  • Dust and spillage free
  • Clean storage. No dust/smells/leaks
  • Lower packaging costs
  • Smaller pack sizes
  • High impact 'in store' pack presentation due to un-seamed bag end
  • Clean storage. Dust/leak free finished pack (no dust transfer to in store customers)
  • Clean 'Fill'. No dust/spillage
Arodo offers the AROVAC system in two versions: up to 400 or 550 bags per hour (depending on product deaeration time) producing hermetically closed PE bags of the same size as or smaller than the comparable paper sack alternative.
Arodo has supplied systems in the US and mainland Europe and India with Mapei becoming Arodo's largest client.
Mapei has become Arodo's largest client and is now manufacturing and supplying in India.
For further information:
Vikas Marwaha at Arodo India Pvt Ltd
Mob: +919824001048
Email: sales@arodo.in
Web: www.arodo.in
(Communication by the management of the company)
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