We conduct various programmes of social and economic development initiatives

We conduct various programmes of social and economic development initiatives

- V Madhusudana Rao, Vice President - Operations (Cement Unit -II), The KCP Limited

What are the activities you are involved under CSR commitment and how the government mandate is prescribing various benchmarks?
The KCP Limited involved under CSR commitment, following all Statutory guidelines and organising following CSR activities under the KCP Limited, Cement Unit -II, Ramakrishna Puram: health care services, safe drinking water and sanitation, promotion of school education, skill development programme, women empowerment, infrastructure/rural development activities, disaster management and tree plantation.

How are the actual and prescribed budgets for the last three years? Please give details of allocations for various activities. How long it will take for you to complete the mission you have undertaken in that particular region?

What has been the impact of various CSR activities in various geographies? What is the criterion adopted in choosing the target group or community for CSR initiatives?

It is the vision of KCP CSR Wing to transform society at large surrounding our business operations. As a part of this, the company, under the stewardship of its Chairperson and Managing Director, Dr VL Indira Dutt, is conducting various programmes of social and economic development initiatives, with the national priorities such as public health, education, livelihoods, sanitation, water conversation and natural resource management.

We take care of communities around our plants, by identifying their needs and designing our CSR Programmes in such a way to meet the same.

What are the crushing challenges the country is facing in the socio-economic sphere and CSR activities can contribute towards fulfilling these needs?
Socio-economic disparity is one of the biggest challenges, main reason being the rural urban divide among many host of factors which increase the intensity of this disparity. CSR can contribute to bridge this gap. As CSR has both means, medium in terms of funds, technology and robust management systems, these issues can be addressed with strong rigor and fundamentally shift this imbalance.

What are the CSR activities you have undertaken on outbreak of Covid-19 and what are the challenges did you face?
CSR activities undertaken on outbreak of Covid-19:
Organised corona awareness programme in all our operational locations.
Distributed double layered, re-usable cloth masks to all residents in or around Muktyala, also distributed nose masks to various government departments like Police, Revenue, Press and municipal staff in Jaggayyapet and Macherla.
Tailoring trained women initially stitched nose masks for KCP, which helped these women in getting orders from nearby companies and government agencies during Covid-19 lock-down period
Social distance points are marked and maintaining the same at all our RO plants.
As part of Covid-19 Prevention activities, spraying of disinfectants has been done in or around our operational villages of Jaggayyapet Mandal, Jaggayyapet municipality area and Macherla towns from March 28, 2020 onwards.

Provisions (groceries) distributed to all residents of Muktyala village in April and May 2020.
Challenges faced:

  • Due to Covid-19 pandemic, the activities have been impacted.
  • Reduced field interactions for over months, it has become difficult to keep up the momentum.
  • Education, healthcare services, women empowerment programs, skill training being a few of our key interventions, the programmes are severely impacted.
  • However, The KCP Limited is planning to address these challenges by using technology as much as possible. Also, this phase has been used to prepare better as soon as restrictions are lifted.
  • How do you think the CSR scenario will pan out in general in the next two to three years, in the wake of Covid-19 impact on business revenues and profitability?
    Business oprganisations, which have done CSR for not merely the compliance but, in its true spirit of contributing to the community will find ways and means to continue their support. Of course, every company will adapt to the situation relevant to the ecosystem it is operating in. Covid-19 has given an opportunity to expedite some of the change's vis-a-vis integration of technology, finding most cost-effective methods of implementation, working closely with stakeholders as resources are getting scarce. Depending upon the outlook of a company, Covid-19 has presented a great opportunity to shift gears on path of development and expedite systemic changes at much faster pace.

    Case Study: Aspiring children preparing to build an Atmanirbhar Bharat
    The children of a nation are its future. A strong Push to their aspirations is pivotal to progress of any country. The KCP Limited in its quest to provide equal opportunities to children in Rural India, has been working on various fronts. Working with children at early stages, the idea is to strengthens their foundation and motivates them towards their goal. Working with children from their Pre-Primary education onwards, The KCP Limited has worked out in a SRVRGKMPM (Government) school, Muktyala to build a sound and robust education ecosystem. The idea is to support students attain highest quality of education by providing school education for rural children coming from extremely poor background.

    The primary education is foundation stone and recognizing this, The KCP Limited as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility has been working tirelessly to ensure that the children in rural India get quality education. Since the focus of work is on Government run school and poorer communities, education has given these children aspirations backed by every possible support in realizing their dreams. In building a strong foundation starting at pre-primary and primary classes, a teacher plays a crucial role and working with teachers is paramount to this goal. Building capacity of teachers to learn new skills and keeping up with changes in curriculum, technology and pedagogy, KCP has ensured that teachers deliver their best to groom children right from the beginning.

    The idea is not just to provide literacy to children but, their overall development by opening their horizon and giving them aspirations, which otherwise would have been perceived to be out of reach given their social background. Infrastructure development including upkeep of school premises and providing uniforms, textbooks, Note books are the necessities for students to continue their education and ensure KCP school education system goes way beyond.

    The system evolves as students come into secondary education. The education system is complemented with life skills to deal with changing physiology and psychology of children. As these children grow the education can continue remain in focus when they are also equipped with skills to manage their emotions, peer pressure and plethora of information. The KCP Limited ensures that teachers are equipped to provide required support along with Quality education to children in Secondary classes. It is important shape up a student's future and sets up a direction for rest of his/her life.

    Most of the children in SRVRGKMPM school, Muktyala supported by KCP come from poor rural background and there is need to support their families as they grow older. Another factor that plays an important role in continuing education is cost of education. It consistently goes up for children wanting to pursue quality education. KCP tackle this by carefully identifying children with potential, and supporting them through merit scholarships starting from LKG to X Class. Children of higher classes are provided with exposure to information which can help them decide future course of their education, understand various available opportunities. This is done through activities like motivational speeches by role models and presentations etc.

    KCP supported SRVRGKMPM school, Muktyala has shown their potential by winning a National Award - "IGBC - Green Your School Programme 2019" organised by Confederation of Indian Industries (CII). This award was conferred in Innovation category in which more than 780 schools have participated across India. Along with National award received Rs. 4 Lakhs cash prize for implementing their ideas in school. This is a testimony that if children, irrespective of their social and economic background, are supported through a carefully designed and long-term social responsibility programme, will outdo their own expectations and dream bigger for every passing day.

    These are the children with quality education, strong value and belief systems who will build a new India, an Atmanirbhar Bharat.

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