AAC block plant weighing and batching system

AAC block plant weighing and batching system

Gain-in-weight feeding systems are widely used to deliver bulk solids into a batch process. In a typical batch feeding system, individual volumetric feeders, each one dedicated to a single raw material or active ingredient, are employed. Each feeder delivers its material in sequence into a central collection hopper, mounted on a scale or load cells.

The weight of the receiving vessel is monitored continuously as each ingredient is added in succession. Weight measurements are compared to the set point for each ingredient. When the required weight of an ingredient approaches its set point, the volumetric feeder goes into dribble mode to ensure the feeder doesn´t overshoot its target. When set point is reached, discharge from that feeder is stopped, and the next feeder is started. Once all the batch ingredients have been fed into the central gain-in-weight vessel, they are discharged into a mixer or blending system, or delivered directly to the next downstream step in the process.

Gain-in-weight batching systems using volumetric feeders can typically achieve accuracies of +/- 0.5 per cent of the full scale capacity.


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