Ambuja Knowledge Initiative
Ambuja Knowledge Initiative

Ambuja Knowledge Initiative

Ambuja Group is taking efforts to share its knowledge pool with architects and engineers community. More about its initiatives in detail.

An endeavour from one of the largest Cement Producers of India, ´Foundations - An Ambuja Knowledge Initiative´ is shaped to be one of the most innovative and exhaustive programs for learning about and experiencing cement like never before for the architecture and engineering community.ICR visited the training centre and interacted with engineers with different levels of expertise gathered to gain and share knowledge. It was an enlightening experience to learn about interesting innovations in concrete such as optical fibre packed in concrete slabs, Bakelite rebars for building and much more. Here is report on the objectives of Ambuja Knowledge Initiative.

The Ambuja Cement Group - ´Foundations´, seeks to set a precedent for expanding the knowledge base for the AEC Community in the cement industry through a series and cross-section of interactive programs. For this, the centre has made available its material library and experience laboratory of the ´Ambuja Knowledge Centre´ and a national learning initiative encompassing multiple touch points of participations.

The Foundation is focused on:

  • Changing how the user perceives and looks at cement and concrete
  • Initiating experimentation in this industry
  • Compel the end user to open a new chapter for cement and concrete in contemporary architecture and design, and
  • Open minds to realise the awesome potential of the material.

Ambuja Cement believes that the capability of cement and concrete is so outstanding that amongst all building materials, it alone can be used for versatile applications in the realm of AEC design; across regular to eccentric designs. It believes that experiential and exhaustive understanding of the material, which will allow for it to be understood and expressed in the most innovative syntax possible - thus creating more inventive practices and more creative projects in the Industry of Cement and the AEC world.

The training is designed to de-mystify the material and up the knowledge quotient of every design professional who works with it and seeks to work with it. Lectures combined with workshops help to expand avenues of creative and participatory experiences about cement and concrete.

The Foundation offers

Lecture Series, Studios & Workshops
World leaders come together to expound their wisdom in using the most popular building material in an innovative way.

A rare opportunity to meet and interact with world renowned engineer William Frazier Baker - also known as Bill Baker, was arranged in Ambuja Knowledge Centre - Mumbai.

Product Showcase
A Showcase of the innovative new products & technologies, which create radical uses and methods to use concrete in their work.

Training Sessions
An attempt to get the user up and going about how to use the material in the best possible way.

Informative Literature
From technical manuals to e-newsletters spanning print and online mediums, the idea is to increase in-depth understanding of the world of cement and concrete.

The Ambuja Knowledge
Centre (AKC), an outcome of the objectives of the Foundation, aims to provide the target audience of AEC professionals the following services.

  • Material library
  • Reference portal
  • Professional support/guide availability
  • Inspires innovative usage of product/material
  • Allows a hands-on experience on cement and concrete
  • Allows a broad understanding on opportunities and resource for the same, and
  • One stop shop for ideas.

The AKC at Mumbai has conducted 141 different technical sessions including 2 days workshops till now, while more than 5200 professional have attended the events in AKC. Apart from lectures, AKC also organises various workshops to train the field professionals about concrete. Currently the centre has 5 different modules, which are;

  • Basic concrete mix design
  • Advance concrete mix design
  • Material & concrete testing
  • Durability aspects of concrete, and
  • Supervising concrete.

Concrete Futures Laboratory
The foundation also has Concrete Futures Lab, an experience centre where professionals experience the performance of concrete through demonstrations.

Expanding the network
Encouraged by the response, the company has set-up 5 new Ambuja Knowledge Centres to be launched by end of the year at Bhavnagar, Baroda, Nashik, Jalandhar and Jodhpur. The centre in Bhavnagar is slated to launch in first week of October. Currently, there are AKCs at Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Delhi, Jaipur, Chandigarh, Rajkot, Cochin, Aurangabad and Surat.

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