Bharathi Cement started commercial production on 28th September 2009. Today, Bharathi is a leading cement brand and company in South India. BBharathi Cement is of superior quality, the services are of world class, and the packing is tamper proof. At present, Bharathi Cement operates a 5 million tonnes (MT) capacity cement plant in Kadapa district of Andhra Pradesh.
The Vicat Group operates a 2.75 MT capacity cement plant in Gulbarga district of Karnataka. Jointly, Vicat Group has a cement capacity of 7.75 MT in India. This makes the Vicat Group one of the leading players in the Indian cement industry. Vicat Group Headquartered in France and listed on the Paris Stock Exchange, the Vicat Group is an internationally well-known group. It is engaged in production of cement, ready-mix concrete and aggregates. It was started in 1853 by Joseph Vicat, son of Louis Vicat, who first invented the artificial cement in 1817. Vicat Group has 30 MTPA cement capacity, 15 integrated cement plants, 5 grinding units, 243 concrete batching plants and 69 aggregate quarries. It employs 7,750 persons and its operations are spread over 11 countries in the world, namely: Egypt, France, India, Italy, Kazakhstan, Mali, Mauritania, Senegal, Switzerland, Turkey and the United States. Six years is a too short period for anyone, even more for an organisation.
We were the first cement company in combined Andhra Pradesh to install an ultra-modern cement plant with quality being controlled by a Robolab to ensure consistency in every bag of cement. Vicat, France: Vicat, France is our majority stakeholder and partner. Vicat acquired Bharathi Cement partly in April 2010. The partnership is successful due to healthy financing, professional management team from India, France and Switzerland. The integration is very successful. Sharing of knowledge and experience benefitted the company and all the customers. Kalburgi Cement: The commissioning of Kalburgi Cement in October 2012 with a capacity of 2.75 MT per annum is another milestone in the history of Bharathi. Majority of the volume is being sold in Maharashtra, Telangana and North Karnataka. There exists a common brand and common marketing team with a total capacity of 7.75 MT per annum, and a new leader in the cement industry has emerged in South India. Marketing Team: Bharathi Cement is armed with an experienced and energetic team of marketing professionals in the areas of Sales, Marketing Services, Technical Support Services, Logistics and Sales Accounts.
This strong team of professionals works hard for the product positioning in premium category, apart from achieving sales targets month after month, creating new records and benchmarks. This testifies that Bharathi Cement recognises human resources as an asset for the growth of the company. Distribution Channel: Bharathi Cement is being sold in all southern states and Maharashtra. We have a strong dealer network of 3036 Nos. spread across all states. This is helping the availability of the product at all places. We believe that the cement market will grow 6-8 per cent in the current fiscal, and Bharathi Cement will take full advantage of the market growth with the support and continued patronage of its strong dealer network and satisfied customers across all the Southern States and Maharashtra. Premium Positioning: Ever since inception in September 2009, Bharathi Cement is positioned in the premium category on the strength of superior quality, testing of cement with the help of robolab for consistency and also tamper proof packing. Superior Quality: In Bharathi Cement, what goes in every bag is our passion for excellence and what comes out is product of superior quality. One of the greatest challenges in cement production is ensuring consistent quality.
At Bharathi Cement, this is being achieved with Robolab, which monitors samples at all levels to ensure consistent grain and texture. The samples are collected from the market and tested in approved labs on a continuous basis to check the quality daily and monitor consistency. Robolab and German Technology: Bharathi's cement plant is an ultra-modern one with state of the art technology including robotic lab. For ensuring consistent quality, it has the most advanced vertical roller mill (VRM) from Loesche of Germany. Tamper Proof Packing: Bharathi Cement is packed in specially made PP laminated bags which cannot be resealed once they are opened. Hence, the PP laminated bag is completely tamper-proof, which ensures that the cement is unadulterated. Every bag of Bharathi Cement is assured of correct weight. Exports: Bharathi Cement is also being exported to Sri Lanka and other countries and has got a strong customer base in some other countries as well. Advertising and Communication Strategy: Ever since launching of the brand in September 2009, Bharathi is a trend setter in Advertising, Communication and Product Positioning which resulted in placement of the brand in the premium category.
The brand initiatives with outdoor advertising, electronic media, POP material, event management and organising meetings like Engineers Meet, Masons Meet, Customers Meet, Dealer Meets at regular intervals helped the company to develop a relationship with channel partners and get across a message to the customer that Bharathi Cement is a premium brand. Technical Support Services: Bharathi Cement has deployed 42 Mobile Vans in all Southern States and Maharashtra. These Mobile Vans, manned by highly qualified technical officers and civil engineers, will train masons, construction supervisors and customers about good construction practices. These Vans on continuously on the road for site visits, and advocate free construction tips to end-customers round the clock. These Mobile Vans are called Mobile Construction Advisors (MCA). Insurance for Dealers, Masons & Employees: Bharathi Cement proudly claims that dealers, masons and employees are being covered under accidental insurance and the premium is paid by the company. Apart from discharging Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Bharathi Cement also takes care of the health needs of all business associates.
Awards & Recognition:
  • Received "Asia's Most Promising Brands Award" by World Consulting and Research Corporation (WCRC) at Bangkok, Thailand on 17th March 2016.
  • Received "Glam Me" award at Las Vegas on 24th June 2013.
  • Received "International Gold Star Award" at Dubai on 18th November 2013.
  • Received "Excellence in Latest Technology-Cement" at Chennai on 25th January 2014.
  • Received "3 Star Rating in Appreciation of
EHS Practices for Kadapa Plant at Chennai on 7th March 2014.
  • Received "Asia's Most Promising Brands Award" at Gurgaon, Delhi on 12th January 2015.
  • Received "Excellence in HI Tech Cement Technology Award" at Chennai on 24th January 2015.
  • Received "3 Star Rating in Appreciation of EHS Practices" for Gulbarga Plant at Chennai on 14th March 2015.
  • Received "3 Star Rating in Appreciation of EHS Practices" for Kadapa Plant at Chennai on 14th March 2015.
  • Received "Business Leader Award" at Hyderabad on 25th April 2015 from TV5 Media Group.
  • Received "Unnatha Suraksha Puraskara" for Kalburgi Plant at Bengaluru from National Safety Council, Bengaluru.

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