Built for the Long Haul
Built for the Long Haul

Built for the Long Haul

Chicago Pneumatic has introduced a new tough and fast mid-sized forward and reversible plate compactor. The MV 504 is very easy to operate and maintain, and intended for deep and medium-deep compaction of granular soils.

Made to handle tough working conditions, the MV 504 has a bottom plate made of Hardox 400 grade steel that is extremely durable and resistant to wear and tear, making it suitable for intensive usage. The compactor is equipped with a heavy duty frame to protect internal components, with the hydraulic pump mounted on the engine to reduce the risk of impact damage.

´With its smooth operation, the MV 504 represents a great alternative to rollers when compacting soil in small areas,´ says Andrzej Mrozi ski, spokesperson for light compaction equipment at Chicago Pneumatic. ´In addition, it provides efficient performance and excellent traction, even on wet soil, helping operators to achieve the right compaction level.´

For ease of maintenance, the machine is designed to prevent rocks becoming stuck between the plate and the frame. In addition, the machine´s user-friendly design provides operators with easy access to the fuel tank, drive belt and eccentric box, meaning it requires minimal effort to be kept in optimal working condition.

Alongside durability and low maintenance, the MV 504 has great ergonomic qualities that enable operators to perform tasks with less effort and more efficiency. It comes equipped with a vibration-reducing handle so that operators are not exposed to high hand/arm (H/A) vibration levels, and is easy to handle even on rough surfaces. The MV 504 forward and reversible plate compactor will be available through Chicago Pneumatic´s worldwide distributor network, which offers sales, aftermarket parts and maintenance services locally.

Chicago Pneumatic offers a wide range of pneumatic, hydraulic and petrol-driven equipment, portable compressors and generators, light towers, rig-mounted attachments, and compaction equipment for the construction and demolition industry.

For more information, contact:
Christopher Butcher, Account Director, Technical Publicity,
Phone: +44 (0)1582 390989, Email: cbutcher@technical-publicity.com

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