Cone crusher for secondary and tertiary crushing

Cone crusher for secondary and tertiary crushing

Vikas Damle

Proman Infrastructure Services offers PRO series cone crusher for secondary and tertiary crushing. This crusher is used for crushing all types of feed material to obtain desired product sizes and capacities. It is versatile in terms of cavity design and eccentric throw to suit the aggregate and mining industry's crushing requirement. Due to its compactness, it can be easily fitted in a fixed plant or a mobile plant environment. This crusher is sturdily built in with a hydraulic gap setting and overload protection for easy and safe operation. It is designed with a linear configuration and has a crushing chamber, which results in crushing any feed material. Its features include, no backing compound required making linear changes simple and safe; optimum liner ulilisation, protection against overload or entry of foreign metal, sturdy crusher housing to withstand severe forces of crushing, etc. This crusher has a hydraulic gap setting with push button controls on the control panel for easy setting of desired gap to suit individual feed crushing. It has different cavity designs, varied eccentric throws to suit the crushing requirements. In the unlikely event of the entry of iron pieces, along with the feed, this crusher detects the entry and the crusher setting automatically opens up as the pressure builds, until the unbreakable piece is discharged from the cone. Thereafter, the cone crusher comes back to its original setting and the regular crushing continues.

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